Justin Bieber Is Hanging Out in One Go-To Pair of Shorts During Quarantine, Just Like You and Me

Of course, they're hot pink and have a teddy bear on them.
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Checking back in with Justin Bieber on day [insert day here, I have no freaking idea] of quarantine, it's clear that one thing about our boy remains true, even under these extraordinary circumstances: He is still extremely Justin Bieber. By that, of course, I mean he's still the type of dude to get a little sleazy with his look, even for the most mundane stuff.

Case in point: the screaming pink shorts he wore to shoot hoops in L.A. this past weekend. They are big. And knee length. They feature a teddy bear logo on the left leg. The bear, for its part, is wearing a T-shirt with the logo of Bieber's Drew fashion brand on it. Bieber himself is not wearing a shirt at all, naturally (all the better to show off his copious tattoos).

Ball is life.

Photo by BG020/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images.

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None of this is particularly surprising. This is Justin Bieber we're talking about, after all. He is well-versed in public shirtlessness (and pantlessness). Nevertheless, it's nice to know he's is still out in these streets, keeping his jump shot on point while rocking some loud-as-hell shorts. It's also nice to know that he, like the rest of us, seems to have discovered that one item of clothing that somehow finds itself doing a lot of the heavy lifting in our quarantine wardrobe.

Here he is again, rocking the same shorts—with not just a shirt, but a sweatshirt!—last week.

The shorts, once more.

Photo by BG020/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images.

Honestly, if ever there were a time to lean in hard on the wearing of neon pink basketball shorts with a bear on them, it's now. We all need a little comfort and brightness in our lives, and these are the kind of shorts to provide just that.

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Unfortunately, the Drew pair is sold out, but you can channel the vibe with a pair from the equally sun-drenched, SoCal label Pasadena Leisure Club. They're available here, and, as luck would have it, approved by yet another sleazy style icon: Shia LaBeouf.

Pasadena Leisure Club Mesh Shorts

Photo by Mr Porter.

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