Justin Theroux Just Introduced a Whole New Execution of Sleazy Style

It's the same slim-fit hunk you're used to seeing in these streets-with an added dose of steez.
IMAGE Nancy Rivera/ Bauer-Griffin

Like some kind of show off, I wore a jacket and tie to work today. 

It took all morning for me to get comfortable in it—most days you can find me in a T-shirt and jeans, because it's August 2018 and the modern "rules" of dressing for the office are now just a blank sheet of notebook paper with the words "Go for it" scribbled on it in pink neon highlighter. I think that's cool! 

And then, just as I stopped tugging at my collar and messing with my sleeves, someone showed me this photo of certified hunk and style god Justin Theroux riding a golden bicycle in a Newport cutoff T-shirt. 

I'm suffocated with envy, but I have to ignore it, because we need to address the many wins taking place when this moment was captured. 

Not only has Theroux successfully ridden his golden steed into the Season of Sleaze—he's done so while still looking as put-together as he always does. Theroux's mix of no-fucks-given and so-very-thoughtful is so well done it hurts my brain. 


Here, you get the same slim-fitted hunk you're used to seeing, with a few important doses of added sleaze. The Newport tee, for instance, is a true gift from the scum gods. Wearing one of these is 80 percent as cool as smoking an actual Newport—cutting the sleeves off bumps you up to a hard 95. 

To wear a trucker hat earnestly in 2018, you oughta have a lot of balls or be Justin Theroux. Luckily for Theroux, he is the latter, and further, you'll never hear anything but praise from me about a Wu-Tang garment. 

This is where things get a little interesting. The IDGAF nature of the hat and tee solidify his star on the Sleaze Walk of Fame, but how he rounds out the look is what makes it worthy of discussion. It's a perfect example of mixing your personal style with the trend of the moment (sleaze). 

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Theroux's flexing of his 1971 all 18K gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date and less-than-precious treatment of white jeans are well-documented staples of his wardrobe, as are Chelsea boots. If the veins popping out of his biceps and perfect beard weren't enough to identify him, these are how you'd know you just saw The Leftovers star biking past you. 

A tip of the Wu-Tang cap to you, Mr. Theroux. As the Season of Sleaze winds down, you've given us inspiration for a whole new execution of the craft. I can't say I'm surprised—you did wear these clout glasses out in public back in the year 2000.

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