Kanye West Styled the First Pornhub Awards, And Guess What He Made The Presenters Wear

IMAGE Unsplash/ Max Libertine

While you were sleeping, the celebrated rapper, newish fashion designer, and always newsmaker Kanye West added creative director of the Pornhub Awards to his already full plate.

The celebration of all things private browsing went down last week, and Kanye—apart from debuting the music video for “I Love It,” which saw him dressed in humongous block-style clothing and those infamous too-small slides, performing with Teyana Taylor, who you may remember from Kanye's song "Fade," and designing the winners' statuettes (the only way to describe them is that they are dicks)—also styled the attendees. 

But before we get to the clothes, we have to trace the origins of this unholy pairing. Last month, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ye found himself sharing his Pornhub preferences to the world. “A lot of black on white, obviously...” he said.

And later, perhaps fueled by the theme of sexiness, he dropped the song “XTCY,” which is a ditty that details his dark fantasy of bedding his wife's sisters. Yep. 


A few days after that, the PR machine of Pornhub went to work, offering Kanye a lifetime premium membership to the service. Kanye responded with three fire emojis via Twitter, and the unlikely partnership was born. 

So what did Kanye West, bonafide designer who has shown several seasons of Yeezy, make the stars of Pornhub (aka porn stars) wear? One of them was this: 

watch now

That's not your local Internet provider gasping to provide mobile data. Kanye really did make someone put on their birthday suit. 

The rest of the clothes, which included a few new styles, is more in the vein of Kim Kardashian-on-a-coffee-run. Which is to say it is a continuation of previous Yeezy collections: sheer, curve-hugging body cases in a palette of skin and slate paired with those surely uncomfortable PVC heels or Yeezys.  


There's one notable feature in some of the ladies' dresses though: a breast cut-out. You can see it in all its blurry glory in this NSFW-ish Twitter post.

Got that?

The last time we saw this style of dress was when Janis Ian cut out holes in Regina George's tank top, and then Regina just rolled with it like it was the most natural thing in the world. 

Now, is this okay? Can you do a version of nude fantasy in public? 

Kanye has always been a maverick or, at the very least, a grand interruptor, and this presentation, chronicled by erotic photographer Richard Kern, is no exception. He's abandoned the traditional vehicle for fashion, which is New York Fashion Week, for a porn awards show. (Presenting nudies at an adult venue is not a breakthrough though.) 

On the question of propriety: If we are to go with the golden rule of dressing for the occasion, then technically a dress with your bits hanging out worn at an adult industry event is perfectly acceptable, especially when everyone else is doing the same thing. 


Outside this context, it is a no-go.  

But if you want to try a little of the Kanye-Pornhub magic, he also released a limited-edition set of sweatshirts, featuring renditions of adult film stars, the winners of the Pornhub Awards, to be exact, done by queer Afro-Arab artist Shadi Al-Atallah. Notably, the painter and illustrator is the same artist who did the cover art for “XTCY.”


Would you wear this in public?

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