Of Course Kendall Roy's Envy-Inducing Funeral Coat Is Loro Piana

What else would you wear to bid a not-so-fond adieu to your billionaire father?

Within the past week, your billionaire father died and left behind a capitalist mess to end all capitalist messes, you've ostracized most of the women in your life, and you and your brother are largely responsible for the destruction of American democracy and the integration of right-wing fascism into the White House. And now you have to attend the funeral of said billionaire father! What the hell is one supposed to do in this situation? If you're Kendall Roy, you do what you do best: serve a fucking Loro Piana look.

Kendall Roy wears the Loro Piana Savile Cashmere Blend Overcoat in Season 4, Episode 9 of Succession.
Photo by HBO.

Listen—at this point in Succession, wearing Loro Piana is what Kendall does best. I mean, he isn't exactly killing it as CEO, is he? No. Or as a father, or as a brother...

But he's killing it in a cashmere blend overcoat, with suede-trimmed pockets and a herringbone motif—plus shades and shoes just as elegant to go with. If you have to go to a funeral for the father you hated-slash-loved-slash-were-really-afraid-of, this is the way to do it. Take a page from Ken's book.


Loro Piana Savile Cashmere-Blend Overcoat


Entering a room in style is something the eldest Roy son (but not you, Connor) excels at. What he does in that room is...a different story. But he looks good doing it! And the consequences of Kendall's actions might finally be catching up to him, but they're going to have to make it past that coat, first.

And, hey—even if you aren't going to the funeral of a late media giant in the foreseeable future, the Loro Piana Savile Cashmere Blend Overcoat is a classy, stylish option that'll last you years. It's an all-around elegant piece in a luxurious cashmere-and-alpaca blend. If you want a slightly less expensive take, Canali's wool single-breasted coat is a style Kendall would just as easily wear. Would stare forlornly at the church while wearing. Would walk forlornly around the church while wearing. You know how he is.

Canali Wool Single-Breasted Coat


For work or play or, fuck it, even the destruction of what family and democracy mean, this is a hell of a coat. And for one of Kendall Roy's last-ever looks, we're certainly glad it made the cut.

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