Is Couple Dressing Cool? Well, Just Look at Daniel Miranda and Sofia Andres


Thing is, if you’re not in a couple and you see couples wearing matching clothes or, worse, the very same clothes, it feels awfully weird. But if the gods (any god) have been kind enough to bless you with a mate, then couple dressing feels right. It feels mighty good even. 

Consider Case No. 124: racecar driver Daniel Miranda and actress Sofia Andres. The young-and-in-love couple made headlines in 2020 when they introduced their cute baby girl Zoe to the world. And then we filled in the details by revealing that Miranda is an old-money scion from Cebu’s illustrious Lhuillier family. Caught up?

Photo by Kenzo.

Well, we’re happy to report that Miranda and Andres are still together and now also wearing, not the same clothes, but pieces with a similar feeling. And that feeling is—we’re just going to say it—love, hugs and kisses, and all that fuzzy stuff. 


We’re going to approve this take on couple dressing because the pair chose the less obvious route: oversized sweatshirts, the kind you might put on a cool day like today. Wearing pieces from Kenzo’s capsule collection for the love month (the French fashion house just opened its first store in the country, by the way), Miranda is in a black hoodie embroidered with scribbles on its chest—sweet nothings like “Be My Valentine”—while Andres is swathed in a white hoodie, this time with an all-over “Be My Valentine” print.

Photo by Kenzo.

Photo by Kenzo.
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It’s not jarring because they’re not twinning. As well, the scratchy scribble style softens the mushiness of the messages that also include “Kenzo Amour” and “minhai joía,” which is “my jewel” in Portuguese. The latter is a nod to creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista, the Portuguese fashion designer who joined Kenzo in 2019. 

It’s a laidback love energy that we can support. It’s like: We’re just chilling at home together—don't mind us. The lesson here is that, while you have the freedom to broadcast your coupledom to the world, you can choose to do it very subtly and with a bit of coolness. 

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