The Best Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

And for the faint-of-heart Halloweeners.
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Last-minute Halloween costumes don't have to be completely lazy. Just work what you've already got in your closet, nail down a character or person, and rock it like you've been plotting the idea for months. Here are 15 ideas to get you started.


Pull out your go-to dark suit, a white collared shirt, a tie, and a tie bar.

Bansky Painting 

Wear a backwards hat, a black hoodie, a bandana across your face, and carry around a bouquet of flowers. Maybe don't throw them at anyone. 


Double down on a T-shirt under a henley, your favorite pair of cargo pants (we know you still have them), and pair with black gloves. Skip the gun for blindingly obvious reasons. 

Sleazy Justin Bieber 

Sleazy Justin Bieber is a lot, but he's honestly fun to replicate. You get to wear a sweatpants and a hoodie! Just hike up the pants, wear high socks, and break out your chunkiest sneaker for quick success.  

Sleazy Pete Davidson 

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Or, channel sleazy Pete. A Thrasher tee, Adidas track pants, and socks and sandals are all it takes.

Post Malone 

Throw that hair up into a bun and go to town with a Sharpie. 


Grab a bear ears headband and a floppy hat. Maybe add a camel shearling coat if you're really going for it. 

Pre-Queer Eye-d Guy 

Take an old T-shirt and write this exact phrase on it. The people will know. 

A Character from Fortnite 

Cargo pants and armor. Bonus if you have a (fake) sword around.

Vampire Jack Dorsey 

Fake a standing collar by ironing a collar up. Pair with vampire teeth, blood, and a social platform that's rapidly descending into a (sometimes very entertaining) hellscape. 

Walmart Yodeling Kid 

Get some use out of that bow tie you've only worn once, and learn how to yodel. Or not. 

Weed-Smoking Elon Musk 

Some headphones and a joint—the ultimate last-minute move.

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