Louis Vuitton's Sneaker Customization Service Arrives in Manila

Put your name on it.
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Never mind that everyone else, from Seoul to Dubai, Guangzhou to Sydney, has had the pleasure of experiencing the Now Yours Run Away sneaker customization program of luxury house Louis Vuitton. What's important is that the service finally arrives in Manila this Friday.

Customization is the last frontier of luxury. The only way you can one-up the dude-bro boasting about his limited-edition collabo sneaker through an #obligatoryshoefie is by getting something that is premium and, more important, designed by you. Take that, @realshoesnobbbz99.

But don't engage in the Now Yours program just to brag. Do it because you are moved by self-expression, as the service allows you to fully customize the Run Away sneaker, Louis Vuitton's souped-up version of the retro runner, with a panoply of options.

Esquire spent a bit of time testing the program, and we'd like to report that, yes, from toe tip to heel notch, you can have it your way.

Also, all that freedom can be daunting, but thankfully, an associate, aided by an iPad hooked up to the personalization website, will lead you through the process. Here's what to expect:

1| Choose the skin

Full calf, a mix of calf and alligator, and full alligator are available. The alligator is the most premium and also most expensive as it is an exotic skin. The calf, on the other hand, allows more freedom in terms of color. 

2| Choose the colors

From sole to heel, tongue to laces, 13 parts, including the unseen underside of the shoe, can be doused in nine colors: navy, red, orange, yellow, purple, cognac, black, and white. In addition to color, four canvas options, the Monogram, Monogram Eclipse, Monogram White, and Damier Graphite, can also be selected for each part. 

This is fun but also tricky, because the mind can be indecisive. A live preview will help you decide if a purple-red-yellow scheme is too aggressive, and you can always go back to previous sections to perfect your combination of color and canvas.  

3| Choose your initials

It's now time to sign your masterpiece with your own monogram. This follows the already available monogram service (for bags and small leather goods) of Louis Vuitton. You can choose two or three letters and also employ periods. If you choose the heel, you can only do initials, but when you go for the side, you can do initials and two stripes, all in the colors of your choosing.  

4| Now, a few tips:

To give you a solid idea of what a custom sneaker looks like, sample creations are made available for scrutiny. Also, consider the textured laces because they are more interesting. 

One more thing: It might be best to let your design marinate. Complete the customization process today, take the design home (they can e-mail the files to you), come back tomorrow and decide if this is really the one. You won't be able to amend the style once it has been sent for assembly. 

Your dream sneakers will take up to five weeks to arrive as these will be made in Louis Vuitton's  workshop in Fiesso d’Artico, Italy.  

Okay, onto our masterpiece: Since, we were testing the full potential of the program, we decided to go the maximalist route and throw a bunch of colors into the system. This is what we got. 

What do you think? Not bad, eh.

The Now Yours Run Away sneaker customization program will be available starting March 15, Friday at Louis Vuitton, Greenbelt 4, Makati.

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