Louis Vuitton's 'Watercolor' Capsule Will Cool Down Summer

The French luxury house presents a summer set of feel-good clothes featuring a remixed Monogram.

We’re leading with this pertinent information to bring attention to an important movement: Apart from delivering drool-worthy goods, in this case, a summer capsule collection bathed in pastels, fashion house Louis Vuitton is taking a big step toward protecting the Earth. 

Photo by Louis Vuitton.

Photo by Louis Vuitton.

The French luxury label has declared a grand goal of committing 100 percent of its products to “an eco-design strategy” by 2025. In this set, Louis Vuitton points out how some pieces were designed with the environment in mind. To be specific, the color palette was made without chlorine or metals, cotton and wool were certified by textile guardian groups, and other fabrics were recycled. 

This do-good, be-green message is weaved into clothes that, of course, offer a mega-dose of style, cool, and also joy. Artistic director Virgil Abloh appears to be repainting the bleakness of reality with soft and soothing colors—turquoise, violets, pinks, yellows, lime greens, and blues, all of which bleed and run and overlap in a convincing watercolor effect. 

Photo by Louis Vuitton.

Photo by Louis Vuitton.
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It is “as if drops of water had fallen on ink,” says the label of the remixed Monogram on cotton pajamas, denim shirts, and windbreakers. It is an easy wardrobe (shorts and lightweight blousons), too, fit for working forever at home or taking a brave step into the world (when the time comes). In Abloh’s vision, you revel in these amid the backdrop of dusk, dawn, or twilight—those in-between moments when possibilities are forming and reforming. 

But if all that doesn’t appeal to you (are you a dreamless person?), you can simply partake in the goods as they are: a colorful new wardrobe that comes with a suite of watercolor accessories, from masks with matching bandanas to backpacks and Keepalls.  

Photo by Louis Vuitton.

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