Every Sort of Summer Shoe for Every Single Man

Tread new ground with Esquire's ultimate guide.

Summer: a joyous time of mirth and worryingly early call times for an Aperol Spritz. This is the most wonderful time of the year. Less so, however, for your feet. 

That's because as the world broils, your winter footwear is rendered redundant. Brogues are a no-go, boots a leather-shelled No Man's Land. Instead, we try to find a midpoint that's appropriate for work and the weekend. 

A tall order, but luckily one we've solved. The incoming hot weather needn't scorch your style, and we've the best men's summer shoes below to prove it. 

1| Cheaney

Photo by MR PORTER.

Best For: Smart(ish) Dressers 

Summer allows for a relaxation of dress codes. A good thing. But what if you're intrinsically a very smart man. What then? 

You don't descend into shorts and T-shirts and sneakers. Instead, you combine your summer-ready shirt and chinos with some suede loafers: a way to add breeze to the ankle, and much softer than regular leather. Suede Penny Loafers, mrporter.com 


2| Vans

Photo by VANS.

Best For: Lazy Saturdays 

Menswear's preoccupation with the half-pipe refuses to budge. That means you should jump on with both feet. 

Vans is a good place to start. Not only is a canvas construction easily washedimportant considering summer's surplus of grass stains and scuffsbut the slip-on design sits pretty alongside shorts and white socks and oversized T-shirts. Comfycush Slip-On Shoes, vans.co.uk 

3| Sperry

Photo by MR PORTER.
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Best For: Prep 2.0ers 

Prep style is back. Though instead of sweaters-over-the-shoulders and sneery looks, it's more colorful, more nineties,and more at home on Vampire Weekend's Upper West Side than a white party on the Hamptons. 

That means you invest in some boat shoes, stat. Sperry's chocolate leather iterations are summer-appropriate, and thanks to Prep 2.0, are decidedly en vogue. Authentic Boat Shoes, mrporter.com 

4| Birkenstock 

Photo by MR PORTER .

Best For: The Eight Holidays You've Foolishly Booked 

The rise of the Birkenstock has been an almighty one. And, better yet, packs a rare collision of style and substance. 

Boasting an airy, open-toed design, contoured footbeds make for a comfortable (and breathable) summer tread, granting you carte blanche to pair with your favorite South of France threads. Arizona Oiled Leather Sandals, mrporter.com

5| Converse 

Photo by CONVERSE.

Best For: Something Versatile 

There's a reason Converse's Chuck Taylor endures. It's classic, for one, but it'll always chime with every other summer staple going. 

No, really. Chinos, shirts, shorts, T-shirts, swim shortsyou name it, Converse can match it. These All Star low-tops are no exception to the rule. Chuck Taylor All Star Classics, converse.com 

6| Church's 

Photo by MR. PORTER.

Best For: The Suits 

Summer hours? What summer hours, the City of London cries as they slowly fry in suits not remotely adjusted to the heat. 

Still, hope is not totally lost. Switch the Oxford or Derby for a loafer, and you've a somewhat lighter way to dress for the office. Maybe keep the jacket off, too. Willenhall Polished Loafers, mrporter.com 

7| Gucci 


Best For: Poolside 

After the misdeeds of blister-inducing nineties flip flops, the slider has been a welcome addition to the suitcase. 

What's more, Gucci led the charge of the luxury takeover, adding its signature three-stripe to upgrade your poolside look. Pursuit Trek Slide, endclothing.com 

8| Castañer

Photo by MR PORTER.

Best For: Level 10 Comfort 

From Spanish peasant shoe to summer footwear proper, the espadrille is defined as a casual, flat shoe with an 'esparto' rope sole. 

And it's something that lends itself well to summer. Native brand Castañer have upgraded the formula, too, adding a rubber layer underneath for extra comfort and durability. Pablo Canvas Espadrilles, mrporter.com 

9| Russell & Bromley 


Best For: Keeping Things Classic 

A lace-up deck shoe (not to be confused with the aforementioned boat shoe) is a good fit for warmer monthsespecially when it's of Russell & Bromley's variety. 

Woven leather, while relatively sturdy, still lets in some ventilation, letting you cool down in classic, Italian-made hooves that won't slow cook your feet. Foredeck Shoes, russellandbromley.co.uk 

10| Nike 


Best For: The Sneakerhead Unchained 

Nike, a pioneer of the sneaker movement, is a surefire choice for summer: you've got color, brand prestige, and something that'll make you feel inexplicably cool, a lot like those surly teenagers in the perpetual queue at Supreme. Air Max Light 2, endclothing.com

This story originally appeared on Esquire.co.uk. Minor edits have been made by the Esquiremag.ph editors.

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