Montblanc's Luxurious Luggage Is Worth the Investment, Even Now

When you're not shelling out for flights-that's the perfect time to go big on a great suitcase.
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Traveling in style, remember that? Montblanc's hard-sided luggage will be just the thing when you can roll back onto a plane.

It might seem untimely right now to be investing in luxury luggage. But the fact is, when you're not also shelling out for flights and hotel rooms, that's exactly the moment for going the extra dollar on something really good—a well-made workhorse that will stay with you for several years of schlepping into planes, trains, and automobiles. And you can do it looking good, too, so much the better.

The strong-but-light polycarbonate shell and leather trims both come courtesy of Italy.

Photo by Ben Alsop.

A slew of not-terribly-cheap luggage brands has got a long way, recently, on offering a nifty user experience (but not terribly good luggage). We recommend ditching the trendies when the wheels fall off and turning instead to the experts. It always pays in the long run with something that is there to protect your belongings and take the strain out of travel.


German-based brand Montblanc got its start way back in 1906 by perfecting the fountain pen, yet in the past 20 years has broadened its offering significantly, applying the same function-meets-luxury approach to design in watches, accessories, small leather goods, and most recently—two years ago—hard-sided luggage.

The MY4810 is a prime example of Montblanc’s functionality-meets-luxury approach to design.

Photo by Ben Alsop.

Without doubt the biggest leap forward in suitcase design in the past couple of decades was the arrival of polycarbonate (Rimowa pioneered it in 2000). The lightweight, semi-rigid plastic meant suddenly you could tote a case that was both strong and light, meaning you could get more stuff in without wearing out your arms. And then some bright spark twigged that four wheels instead of two would take even the reduced weight off your hands.

Despite being a newcomer to hard-sided luggage, Montblanc did its research perfectly. The pleasingly clinical-sounding MY4810 comes in a range of five sizes. The case shown here is a 15 x 9 x 21.5-inch size which means it should not fall foul of over-zealous airline crew, but is big enough to cram everything you'll need for a long weekend—or even a long-haul—trip.

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Four ball-bearing wheels from Japan ensure you’ll roll along comfortably (and quietly).

Photo by Ben Alsop.

In terms of make, the MY4810 is typical of the brand's commitment to using only the best components, even if that means sourcing technologies in multiple countries. Lightweight polycarbonate and elegant leather trimming delivers a cool urban look (thank you Italy), while the solidly engineered yet multi-stop adjustable handle (Germany) and silent, frictionless, ball-bearing wheels (Japan) make for durable performance and a first class look even if you literally, never, ever, bag the upgrade.

Traveling in style, remember that?

Photo by Ben Alsop.

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