How I Dress Now: For DJ Nix Damn P, Fashion Is a Visual Release

The famous DJ on his favorite sneakers, wardrobe essentials, and dressing for events.

If you've ever been to a good party in Manila, then you've no doubt seen Nix Damn P perform. As the city's main DJ, Nix Damn P spends a lot of time hitting the decks and going wherever the party is. With that, it comes as no surprise that he also knows his style. The DJ has become known for his fits that consist of utility-inspired pieces, slick co-ords, and of course, sneakers. We caught up with Nix Damn P to explore his personal style philosophy.

ESQUIRE PHILIPPINES: How would you describe your personal style?

NIXDAMNP: I'm more into details, but it's still simple. In terms of details, I like functionality but still simple in everyday wear. I need to be comfortable. I think that's the main style—it needs to be comfortable. I move a lot during work and every time I DJ, too. During sound checks and rehearsals, you need to be comfy, too.

ESQ: What did you wear growing up?

NDP: Just a shirt and then a button-down, to cover up or layer, and then nice pants and shoes, of course. I start with the shoes and from there pants, top, and then accessories.


ESQ: How different is your style now from before?

NDP: Before, I was kind of conscious in terms of brands. So, yeah swimwear had to be Quicksilver and techwear was another thing. Now, I've narrowed it down it into really good quality clothes.

ESQ: Is there an item of men's clothing that you're not fond of?

NDP: I appreciate all styles. I get it why he put it together that way. I get it. I don't think I hate a particular style or kind of clothing.

ESQ: What's the most essential item in your wardrobe?

NDP: Accessories. I wear my necklaces and bracelets a lot. And I'm not complete without them. I just keep it under my shirt and I feel comfortable wearing them.

ESQ: Any favorite local brands or designers?

NDP: Progress, THE, Brgy Tibay, and Tenement. I like what they're doing. It's an exciting and interesting time for Philippine fashion.

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ESQ: Who are some of your style inspirations?

NDP: Pharrell, you can say. Kanye West. Hiroshi Fujiwara. They inspired me, but not just with clothing. Their clothes resonate with me but I like their music or what they're doing in terms of design. I like design, whether it's art, fashion, music. I appreciate the art and they're the ones that inspire me in general.

ESQ: What's your daily uniform?

NDP: I think I own 30-plus white t-shirts from Uniqlo. And I own 15 to 17 pieces of the same shirt in black. That's my uniform right now because I like the fit and the fabric. It's the perfect white t-shirt for me.

ESQ: How do you handle dressing for events?

NDP: For events, it's hard here in Manila. There's that 'oh shit, I've worn this' factor. It's exciting that you can mix it up with clothes. I like to mix and match and prepare for big events. When you're performing, you still have to be comfortable though.


ESQ: Is there a style piece that you collect?

NDP: Shoes, sneakers. But now, I'm into technical clothing. The Maharishis, the ACGs, the acronyms. So yeah, form and function. I like wearing clothes that will be okay even if it gets rained on or gets wet. That's how I learned about function and the specifics of fabrics. Yeah, it's more of the technical aspect of clothing and fashion now.

ESQ: What's the ultimate sneaker to you?

NDP: My favorite now are the Sacais, the Waffle Racers. Jordans, too. It's something you can use for night and for the street, too.

Photo by NIKE.

Nike x Sacai LDV Waffle

ESQ: What item should every man have in his wardrobe?

NDP: A nice jacket or suit. And sneakers. 

ESQ: Why is dressing well important to you?

NDP: It sets the mood. It shows that you're confident because you're comfortable. Every time I wear nice clothes, I feel good, more confident. Yeah, you know, I'm in the mood to do whatever I need to do. If you're wearing nice and comfortable clothes, you feel good—it's something internal. 


For performers, especially, it's one thing less to think about. It's part of the whole thing. It's my visual release since I'm audio and music. So, you're hearing me but there's a big factor when you see it. Fashion for me is my visual release, you can say. 

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