Of Course Uniqlo Has Its Own Tiny Crossbody Bag

IMAGE Uniqlo

First, you start seeing it on all your edgy friends, and then suddenly, before you know it, it's on the shelves of your local Uniqlo. That's how you know that a trend has reached critical mass. And such is the case for the tiny crossbody bag trend that's been sweeping the streetwear crowd for the past couple of seasons.

Small diagonally-worn fanny packs became a thing when they were popularized in 2017, by the internet-breaking collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton. It's trickled down shortly after, and now, thanks to everyone's favorite fast fashion retailer, the trend is more widely accessible. Uniqlo Philippines recently stocked its Singlestrap Backpack in five colors: black, red, olive, beige, and navy. Check it out:

The crossbody bag has been one of the prevailing streetwear trends over the past few seasons. IMAGE: Uniqlo

Thankfully, crossbody bags aren't just trendy—they're also functional, and perfect for storing everyday things that don't quite fit in your jean pockets. IMAGE: Uniqlo

Uniqlo's singlestrap backpack is a practical, versatile bag that can be worn in different ways. IMAGE: Uniqlo

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But while these small man bags are incredibly trendy (and bound to pass eventually), the singlestrap backpack is also undeniably practical. It's a convenient, leisurely size that's just big enough to stash anything that won't fit in your jean pockets, including illicit substances, if you are so inclined (of course you're so inclined; my gahd!). So you can assure the little voice in your head that's telling you off for wanting to buy into a hip new trend: this bag will be useful. Wear it with a windbreaker or technical outerwear for the full "urban citizen, ready-for-the-elements" look.

Grab yourself a singlestrap backpack at your local Uniqlo for the full retail price of PHP990.

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