Onitsuka Tiger’s New Collection Establishes Its Move Into Fashion

Born from sport, the brand is strengthening its sartorial credentials.
Onitsuka Tiger’s New Collection Establishes Its Move Into Fashion

When Kihachiro Onitsuka created the first of his brand’s emblematic shoes in his living room in 1949, he did not realize that his legacy would go on to grace the glitziest runways around the world. Today, Onitsuka Tiger is a lifestyle brand that flirts with fashion, opening a creative space for styles that range from sleek to quirky. Versatile is the word. For proof, you need only look at the minimalist, black and white kicks it produced with Givenchy and then compare those to the bright yellow jumpsuit they put on a dancing Will Smith.

Onitsuka Tiger’s slow evolution was kicked into full gear with the entry of creative director Andrea Pompilio, who has steered the brand into more exciting territory. The brand’s latest exhibition of its 2020 spring/summer collection has only cemented its turn toward fashion. Held at the Luxe Art Museum in Singapore, the event showcased a collection that straddles the line between heritage and innovation, as well as fashion and sports.

Celebrating the brand's 70th anniversary this year, Onitsuka Tiger paid homage to its founder and his inspiration, the uniforms of various sports, in this collection—just in time for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The result is a collection full of striking lines and shapes that refresh our concept of streetwear, moving away from the relaxed fit we’re accustomed to. All the while, Onitsuka Tiger pulls in elements from the sports that its founder was so fascinated by. There are tank tops and shorts with mesh materials akin to those of basketball jerseys; denim cargo pants inspired by the gear of climbers; padded jackets with the form of an equestrian’s garb; and bicolor pullovers with a silhouette that reminds us of divers.

Combine all this with a punchy use of color—ranging from black and indigo to neon yellow and orange—it takes on a mood that is both sporty and trendy.

While these looks remain strictly for the streets and runway, their roots in sports are in every thread, making Onitsuka Tiger one of fashion’s most fascinating players today—one that pushes style in a direction few others have dared to go.

All pieces will be available soon on Onitsuka Tiger's official website and its stores worldwide. The brand is available locally at Greenbelt 5, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Ayala Cebu, Ayala Manila Bay, Bonifacio High Street Central. For a complete list of stores, you can visit the brand's store finder. To learn more, you can also follow Onitsuka Tiger on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Onitsuka Tiger.