Packing for a Weekend Trip, the All-You-Need Checklist

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There’s an art to packing for a weekend trip. You don't want too many items, half of which you’ll likely never use. You don’t want to pack too light, either, lest you risk wearing a cheesy souvenir T-shirt when you run out of things to wear.  

The perfect weekend haul is light, stylish, and versatile, a collection of things that will suit various weather conditions and can also be easily stowed away in the back seat or the overhead bin. Put down the coat hangers; here are all the style essentials you need to pack for the weekend. 

Weekend Essential No. 1: Weekender Bag

For a weekend trip via road or a short airplane ride, the weekender bag, also known as the duffel, is just the right size for all your necessities.

1| Gouache Hogarth Bag 


The duffel bag from local company Gouache features water-repellent waxed canvas, leather straps, three pockets, and a shoe compartment, making it a handsome roadside companion. If you’re looking for versatility, this won't look out of place in the office, too. 

2| Taikan Prowler 


For an urban escape, only a sophisticated bag made of Italian suede and leather will do. This one features a structured silhouette, multiple compartments, and zip pockets. 

3| Herschel Novel Duffel Bag


This duffel bag begs to be brought anywhere. Its combo of shoe compartment, a two-way waterproof zipper, an internal storage sleeve, and a removable padded webbing shoulder strap makes it ready to take on all kinds of terrain and weather. 

4| Filson Large Rugged Twill Duffel


If you’re looking to invest in a solid weekender, look no further than the Rugged Twill Duffel. It withstands water, protects well against abrasion, and, with saddle-grade bridle leather straps, is ready to haul heavy gear.  

5| Eastpak Dokit Axer Brown


The coated canvas and waxed leather construction lend it a smart appearance, while its lightweight structure and easy-access compartments are ideal for anyone constantly on the move.  

Weekend Essential No. 2: Sneakers

Style is one thing, but you’ll want versatility, as in something that you can easily wear with your clothes, too. Comfort is also key, so a pair you can walk around in on the streets or at the beach is best. It’s also a plus if it can withstand water, just in case it rains. 

1| A.P.C. Tennis Shoes 


The devil is in the details in this ultimate all-white sneaker: Aside from being made of 100-percent calfskin leather, it features topstitching and a waffle rubber outsole that sneaker fans covet.  

2| Court by Doek 

Photo by INSTAGRAM @thesignetstore.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these Doeks. Beautifully handmade with natural, delicate details, the shoes feature coarsely woven canvas and a cork footbed that ensures ease, comfort, and durability.

3| Adidas Originals Stan Smith 


There’s a reason why Stan Smiths have remained one of the most popular sneakers today. The trendy but versatile style offers a polished look that will go well with just about every shirt you pull out of the closet. 

4| Converse Jack Purcell 

Photo by LAZADA.COM.

Considered a classic among all classics, the Jack Purcell has a silhouette that won't go out of style. Get the leather-and-suede version for a retro feel. 

Weekend Essential No. 3: Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a relevant style accessory because your eyes need protection from the sun. Ditch the cheap, disposable kind and invest in timeless pieces that actually do some good to your vision.  

1| Persol 714 Series 

Photo by PERSOL.COM.

You’re headed in the right direction when you wear a pair made famous by Steve McQueen. These foldable sunglasses will fit right in your travel kit or pocket, too. 

2| Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB3016

Photo by ZALORA.COM.

Channel retro vibes with the '50s-inspired shape of the Clubmaster. The square acetate frames and dark lenses add just the right amount of panache to any style. 

3| Ray-Ban Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses

Photo by ZALORA.COM.

Wayfarers have been the quintessential weekend sunglasses for a while now. If you’re expecting to be out all day, get a pair with polarized lenses to protect your eyes from the sun. 

Weekend Essential No. 4: Shirts

Don’t reach out for those garish graphic tees from college. Instead, select shirts that can serve as the foundation of your entire rig, something that will go well with anything. 

1| Uniqlo Short Sleeve Piqué Polo Shirt 

Photo by UNIQLO.COM.

You can’t go wrong with nautical colors, especially when you’re headed out to sea. A polo shirt in navy, white, or red is a solid starter, one that won’t clash with most of your wardrobe. 

2| Runabout Goods Oxnard Popover Shirt 


It goes without saying that white will pair with just about anything, and if you’re dealing with balmy weather, the light color will keep you cool, too. This shirt, done in a roomy 1960s cut, can be worn however you like. 

3| Gap Short Henley T-shirt 

Photo by GAP.COM.PH.

The great thing about a Henley is how effortlessly cool it looks. You can wear this short-sleeved gray version on its own or dress it up with a jacket. 

Weekend Essential No. 5: Pants

When packing for a weekend trip, choose sturdy pants that can withstand the elements and also do without a run to the laundromat. For maximum wearability, go for workpieces in a neutral hue. 

1| Dockers Alpha Khaki Pants 


We’re huge fans of khakis. Aside from being versatile and sturdy, they’re a great excuse not to wear jeans. Make room for this dressed-down, off-duty version, which features an athletic fit and Smart 360 stretch fabric that lets you move more freely.  

2| Levi’s 501 Original Fit Jeans 

Photo by LAZADA.COM.

Forget run-of-the-mill jeans that threaten to burst at the seams with every movement. Get a true classic that simply works. The 501 is tough and the perfect companion for a weekend trip. 

3| Uniqlo Ezy Jeans 

Photo by UNIQLO.COM.

Dyed in a stunning dark indigo, Ezy Jeans manage to capture the look of denim, while not being actually denim. More important, they are comfortable as hell.  

4| Leon Denim USMC P44 Monkey Pants 

Photo by INSTAGRAM @leondenimph.

Don't miss out on a well-structured pair of utility pants. These Monkey Pants are made of olive herringbone twill from Collect Japan; they also feature multiple working pockets where you can stow away different items. 

Weekend Essential No. 6: Shorts

Ratty pairs have no room in your weekender (or your closet for that matter). Whether you’re underwater or hanging out on dry land, shorts should fit and drape well. 

1| Polo Ralph Lauren Prepster Swimming Shorts 

Photo by ZALORA.COM.

The tailored cut of these swimming shorts will take you from sea to shore in style.  

2| Dockers Cargo Shorts, Straight Fit 


Dockers' version of the controversial cargo shorts has a relaxed silhouette that never gets baggy and, more important, stops well above the knee. 

3| Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Linen Blend Shorts 

Photo by ZALORA.COM.

Breathable yet refined, these cotton-linen blend shorts are great for sipping gin and tonic on a tropical getaway. 

4| Gap Lived-In Shorts in Stretch

Photo by GAP.COM.PH.

Gap had us at “lived-in” and “stretch.” Now, we can look good even when we're slacking off.  

Weekend Essential No. 7: Jacket

Whether you’re headed up north, somewhere abroad, or just bracing yourself for a long drive, equip yourself with a jacket that will keep you warm and toasty. 

1| Champion Reverse Weave Satin Stitch Hoodie 

Photo by ZALORA.COM.

Fans of the style need a Champion hoodie, a staple in vintage Americana, a classic that harkens back to good old collegiate days. Its fleece material will keep you cozy on that long road trip ahead. 

2| Uniqlo Reversible Parka

Photo by UNIQLO.COM.

Uniqlo has done a spectacular job creating basics that touch on utility. This reversible parka will shield you from the onslaught of a rainshower; for drier weather, switch to the jersey lining inside. 

3| Leon Denim Sashiko Worker Jacket 

Photo by INSTAGRAM @leondenimph.

This worker jacket is made for pounding the pavement in a foreign city. The sashiko weave material, which is inspired by Japanese martial arts, gives it a sturdy and warm quality. It's also good at dealing with sweat. 

Weekend Essential No. 8: Cap

Not all caps are created equally. The casual headwear can toe the line between stylish and tacky. Your best bet is a vintage, lived-in piece that gains character over time.  

1| UES A Happy Day Hickory Stripe Cap 

Photo by INSTAGRAM @thesignetstore.

With its hickory stripe design and patch detail, this baseball cap from the Japanese denim brand reminds you of simpler times. The cap will look even better after a few washes. 

2| Best Made Co. Kameda Pattern Ball Cap


Over three centuries ago, surplus yarns were spun into a sturdy, hardy fabric—the Kameda Jima. Now, the fabric is used in this cap, providing durability for regular wear, as well as a striking design.  

3| Leon USAAF A3 Mechanic’s Cap  

Photo by INSTAGRAM @leondenimph.

This style is inspired by standard-issue headgear for U.S. Air Force ground personnel in World War II. Reproduced for modern use, the cap is now constructed with 100-percent Zimbabwe cotton fabric, which gives it that striking dark indigo look. 

Packing for a Weekend Trip

Pack only the essentials, those smart and versatile items that can fit inside a duffel. Shirts, pants, and shorts should be able to mix and match. Accessories like a hat, jacket, and sunglasses should protect you from the elements, while sneakers should be comfortable and withstand rain.

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