The New Q Timex Marmont Is a Decadent Slice of '70s Style


I never partied at the Chateau Marmont in the '70s. I'm well aware of the stories. I know it was the scene of scenes, a den of decadence and style not to be outdone. I just never made it by, mostly due to not having been born yet. But even though there's no way that real-life lived up to the legend (it was probably a little depressing, right?) the allure of that era lives on to this day. You can see it in the increasingly less-subtle flare of tailored trousers from Gucci and Acne Studios. And in the louche, luxurious prints and patterns from Saint Laurent and Missoni. And, as of today, you can find it, in appealingly attainable form, via the latest Q Timex reissue: the Marmont.

According to the folks at Timex, the Marmont takes its cues not just from the '70s but the year 1975. And the name is no mistake—it is indeed inspired by Hollywood, and few things say "Hollywood in the '70s" more effectively than "Marmont." But even if you're more of a French New Wave kinda guy, the watch itself is worth paying attention to.


First off, there's the cushion-shaped case, which, in addition to being era-appropriate, gives the Marmont a look and feel that a lot of folks don't have in their rotation. A tool-y, sport-y diver this is not—though it is water-resistant to 50 meters, should you find yourself taking a late-night dip after cavorting on the coast a little too enthusiastically.

Q Timex Marmont 1975 Reissue Day-Date 38mm Watch

Photo by Timex.
watch now

The embossed leather strap sits in contrast to the gold-tone case (which is actually stainless steel) and dial, lending the watch a dressier vibe. But it's not too precious. It's a day-date, for one thing, so the minimalism isn't too extreme. And because it's a Q Timex, there's a functional battery hatch on the back for an added dose of utility. At 38mm, it's right in the "vintage inspired, but not tiny" sweet spot. Oh, and it's priced at a not-exactly-whopping $169. That leaves enough for a round (okay, maybe just one drink) at the Marmont when things get back to normal. I'll meet you there.

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