All The Essential Pieces That Will Work Rain or Shine

Dressing up for erratic weather doesn’t have to be confusing.

The thing about the weather in the Philippines is that you never really know what to expect. You could be walking into a rain shower when the morning forecast had clearly stated blue skies and sunshine. Blame it on our unfortunate meteorological luck or climate change, but the reality is, looking out the window to check the weather is not as reliable anymore. The best thing to do is to equip yourself with essential pieces that can withstand the elements, whether heat or rainfall.

Obviously, Bring a Jacket 

The Windbreaker

Photo by Louis Vuitton.

When the skies become unpredictable, pack a windbreaker in your bag. It's designed to protect you from chill and rain, but its lightweight material makes it easy to carry around, as well as breezy enough to wear when the weather gets clammy.

The Harrington Jacket

Photo by Harrington Jacket Store.

The Harrington is a lightweight jacket that is usually rain-resistant. Its vents and collar are designed to let rain roll off its surface. The jacket does not have the technical look of rain or outdoor gear, too, so it can be worn on sunny days. Look up Steve McQueen for ideas on how to wear it.

The Light Rain Jacket

Photo by The North Face.

When the rain becomes heavy, it’s time to bust out a jacket that is more resilient against water. Choose a lightweight, portable rain jacket in nylon, with specialized pockets that will help keep your things dry. This is perfect for piling on base layers and mid-layers.

The Track Jacket

Photo by ADIDAS.
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Consider adding a track jacket to your rotation of essentials. It's officially retro-cool, has great street cred, and can actually shield you against a harsh draft. Look for featherweight lining, such as mesh, which lets air pass through and allows your skin to breathe. The casual vibe makes the track jacket ideal for being seen on the streets.

The Anorak

Photo by PATAGONIA .

The anorak is best suited for the great outdoors, but it is also a good choice even if all the outdoors you see is the sidewalk. Its light yet sturdy build makes this jacket resistant to strong winds. It also makes for a great shield against showers and can easily be paired over a sweater.

Other Important Things To Consider 

A Work Boot


Work boots do not come with the same defenses against knee-deep waters as rubber boots (which are a pain to wear), but their sturdy build will be able to resist a downpour and minor puddles. Their soles will also have traction on different kinds of terrain. On sunnier days, good work boots are a stylish utilitarian piece.

A Boat Shoe

Photo by SPERRY.

Boat shoes are the quintessential summer shoe, reminding us of docks and summer parties. That said, these can only be used in the rain when they’re not made of suede. Even the smallest raindrop can show up on a suede surface, so opt for a leather version. Keep them classic and keep them preppy.

A Waxed Canvas Bag

Photo by GOUACHE .

While canvas is pretty durable, it also absorbs moisture. Coat wax over its surface, however, and it’s a completely different story. The waxed canvas bag offers the aesthetic allure and durability of canvas, but repels any liquid—rain included—that comes in contact with it. The coating also creates a patina over time, which lends style to the bag.

A Leather Backpack

Photo by HERMES.

Investing in a leather backpack is pretty clever for rain-or-shine moments. It will prove itself useful and practical in the rain, as it repels and doesn’t absorb water. Leather goods also come with sartorial elegance, lending a professional look to any outfit. Go for bags in dark-colored leather.

A Baseball Cap

Photo by GUCCI.

Apart from protecting your skin against the harsh rays of the sun, a baseball cap provides a shield from light rain showers. When you need time to pull out an umbrella from your car, put this on.

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