Take A Look At These Famous Men Wearing Iconic Sunglasses

When you don't want to be seen (but want to be noticed), you put on Ray-Bans.
IMAGE courtesy of Ray-Ban

There are doubtless signs that signal when something just works. Maybe it becomes the name for its kind like Popsicle (for ice pops), Kleenex (for tissue), or Band-Aid (adhesive bandages)? Maybe it weathers the shifting tastes of time? Or maybe the true arbiters of all things important—they are called famous people—like them very much? 

Ray-Ban did not start out as the all-time popular choice of the cool crew. Its now-ubiquitous sunglasses sprung from the totally utilitarian need of not feeling bad. In the '30s, because airplanes were able to fly higher and longer, US Air Force pilots became more susceptible to headaches, and so sunglasses with glare-fighting green lenses were created. These became the Ray-Ban Aviator.

The for-pilot sunnies looked so awesome they seeped into civilian life with versions created for shooting, hunting, and fishing. Later on, even more styles were born and then adopted by Hollywood with, for example, the Wayfarer popping up on the beautiful mugs of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, the Caravan on Robert de Niro in Taxi Driver, and the Balorama on Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.  

In more recent times, Tom Cruise paired his boyish grin with the Aviator in Top Gun, Michael Jackson wore the Wayfarer for two years on the Bad tour, and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones erased the memories of people while wearing Predators in Men In Black

Needless to say a lot of boldfaced names (as well as, us, regular folk) have worn its classic styles over the years, and today is no different. 


Ray-Ban continues its legacy as a witness to popular culture by updating its iconic suns with new fabrications and slight tweaks. Whether you like the originals (which are still valid) or an upgraded version (the colored oval lenses of the new Beat collection), you can't go wrong with a pair. 

Here, a look at famous men in its most classic sunglasses styles.  

Douglas MacArthur in the Aviator

IMAGE: courtesy of Ray-Ban

Gonna start with the general who made this style famous.  

Jack Nicholson in the Aviator

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IMAGE: courtesy of Ray-Ban

The only time you can wear sunglasses indoor is if you are Jack and you just won an Oscar.

Peter Fonda in the Aviator

IMAGE: courtesy of Ray-Ban

The Easy Rider-star makes the translucent style look good. 

Robert Redford in the Aviator

IMAGE: courtesy of Ray-Ban


Yes, to the wide lapels, the brawny ties, the rings, and the mirror lens. 

Tom Cruise in the Aviator

IMAGE: courtesy of Ray-Ban

Of course.  

John F. Kennedy in the Wayfarer

IMAGE: courtesy of Ray-Ban


Jude Law in the Wayfarer

IMAGE: courtesty of Ray-Ban

An otherwise buttoned-up look becomes cool. 

Malcolm X in the Clubmaster

IMAGE: courtesy of Ray-Ban

If you did not know, you can wear these as eyeglasses.  

Robert Pattinson in the Clubmaster

IMAGE: courtesy of Ray-Ban

Or you can just go full vampire in blacked-out lenses. 

James Franco in the Cats

IMAGE: courtesy of Ray-Ban

A slightly rounded version of the Aviator is joy. 

Barack Obama in the Tech

IMAGE: courtesy of Ray-Ban

When you step out of the car looking like you can beat the Matrix. 

Blondie in the Round

IMAGE: courtesy of Ray-Ban

And now, we conclude this list with a woman we love.


Ray-Ban is available in Vision Express stores.

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