Remix Your Wardrobe and Break Every Style Rule in 2020

Because real style is a blend.
Remix Your Wardrobe and Break Every Style Rule in 2020

Not so long ago, "dressing for success" meant dressing to conform to a set of rules. It meant adhering to a specific sartorial image of success: the crisp button down, the broad-shouldered suit jacket with authoritative peak lapels, the tailored trousers, the power tie, the shiny shoes. Dressing for success meant following a code: the cold, sterile dress code of corporate ladder-climbers and soulless—but successful—salarymen.

But times have changed, and so have our commonly held definitions of success. We live in a time  that questions the nine to five, a time that challenges conformity, a time that defines success differently, more broadly. And so the code we were once expected to obey has become a vestige of bygone sensibilities. Success as we know it today is a blend of different things, and so dressing for success is likewise an act of blending, and of breaking from tradition.


Drop structure and go wide.
Contemporary dress codes aren't quite so strict and perfectly tailored anymore. Suits and jackets today are slouchy; bottoms are loosening up at the thigh before tapering down. The era of slim and measured has given way to a renaissance of relaxed cuts. There's a case to be made for the rules of traditional tailoring, sure, but these days, you can afford to let loose and be free.



Fear not streetwear.
These days, executives are starting to look more like creative directors, and creative directors are starting to take their own cues from executives. The line isn't so clean cut anymore, due in large part to the rise of streetwear. It's no longer just a niche subset of menswear—streetwear is now a fully actualized wave of fashion that blends easily and can look smart and sharp. Get creative by wearing sneakers under a pair of tailored trousers; throwing a sportcoat or a blazer over a graphic tee or a knit. Essentially, mix it up.



Find your flourish.
Style is about personality, and about finding and expressing something unique. Look for a personal flourish that you'd like to add to otherwise drab outfits. Is it a pair of colored socks? An exposed selvedge jean cuff? A particular article of man jewelry? It can be anything, as long as it's distinctly you.


Break your suits.
Sartorial swerving doesn't always have to involve some huge, bold statement. If you're the type who likes to wear suits, feel free—but also experiment with mismatched suits. Once you free your mind, you'll find the joys of matching fabrics, patterns, cuts, colors. Putting together a suit doesn't need to be a matter of assembly—it can be an artform.


Essentially: Blend your wardrobe.
The gist of it is: be free. Live perpetually in seach of clothes that don't typically match, but somehow just work when you put them together. Everyone wants to "break the rules of style," but few really have the taste and the courage to do it right.


Chivas Regal is both a purveyor and a primary example of this sort of courage and taste. From the beginning, its story has been about the triumph of the unconventional. Chivas Regal is a Scotch whisky of its own perfect blend: citrus, smoky, floral, fruity, and creamy spirits that deliver unique satisfaction in every sip. Its message is simple: #SuccessIsABlend. So it is with great style.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with CHIVAS REGAL.
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