The Retro-Inspired Baseball Hat You'll Want to Buy in Three Colors

Rowing Blazers baseball hats speak to your personal style.

Baseball hats are rooted in function, sure, but the best kind of cap is one that does more than just block the sun from your eyes. Rowing Blazers knows that. 

If you're unfamiliar, Rowing Blazers is a brand—nay, the brand—reimagining preppy clothes, baseball caps included. (For more on that, here's what it means to dress preppy right now.) The brand blends classic styles and a feeling of nostalgia with a modern eye for current trends. The hats it makes are no different. They come in cool colors and fun fabrics, and they have little motifs on them that speak to personal style in a time when your clothes might err on the more minimal side. Here's why you should get one (or three).

These hats expand the constraints of old-school baseball caps. Green corduroy is a new way to wear a classic. 

These hats expand the constraints of old-school baseball caps. Green corduroy is a new way to wear a classic.
Photo by Allie Holloway.

They're the perfect sunny day accessory. 

Hats are largely used as a protective measure, shielding your skin and eyes from the sun. They're something that makes sitting long hours outside at a baseball game or on the beach a little more enjoyable. You know, the whole "not being burnt and blinded" thing. In addition to being a great outdoor companion, these Rowing Blazers hats specifically are just cool. A hot day is a particularly challenging time to put outfits together or make them feel special, because staying cool is a priority. A great hat keeps your clothing minimal but your outfits strong.

Rowing Blazers and Beams Plus teamed up for this navy cotton-twill hat inspired by vintage yacht racing.
Photo by Allie Holloway.

They're a solid blend of old and new. 

Rowing Blazers' whole schtick is taking old-school styles and ideas and making them modern. These hats do that, too. They're a dependable shape, but done up in cool ways. Some of those cool ways are even old-school, like navy twill and corduroy. But bringing them into hat form is a prime example of how Rowing Blazers works; the mix of older, sometimes disparate styles makes something both fresh and unexpected. Fabrics, colors, and embroidery are all at work here, helping the old and new mix well. 

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Team hats are fine. Washed blue hats with dodo birds are better.
Photo by Allie Holloway.

They look even better in a bunch. 

One fun baseball hat is great, sure. But why not get a whole bunch of 'em? Having a few in steady rotation means that every day feels like you're wearing an entirely new outfit—even if all you're really doing is alternating tees, shorts, and hats of different kinds and colors. Our favorites from Rowing Blazers: a light denim blue, a deep green corduroy, and a navy cotton twill. The colors and fabrics create a standout base, and then they each have patches and motifs to make the whole thing even more fun. Hey, whatever it takes to make getting dressed in the summer more fun.

Photo by Allie Holloway.

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