Rowing Blazers x Gucci Vault Is the Funky-Preppy Collab This Summer Needs

In the upper echelons of in-the-know fashion, two brands are always at the tips of every guy's tongues: Rowing Blazers and Gucci. Imagine my fucking delight when the two launched a capsule collection today.

If you know Rowing Blazers, you know their cool, carefree attitude that somehow manages to seamlessly merge preppy style with lackadaisical effortlessness. Their clothes—despite consisting of blazers, sweaters, rugby shirts, polos, and the likes—carry a street-style swagger that, when combined with the high-end, opulent-but-playful luxury of Gucci Vault, creates a vibrant summer collection. In just 15 pieces—including shorts, rugby shirts, tuxedo jackets, a tie, and a baseball cap—Rowing Blazers and Gucci have claimed the top spot for best collab of the year (so far). It'll be a hard position to beat—especially with prices as great as these.

Our eight favorite selects from the collection are below (yes, eight, because there's really no narrowing it down to less than half of the collection when every piece is a standout). Get to shoppin'—you have me and the rest of the fashion community to race with to hit "Checkout," and my finger is already hovering over the mouse.

Rowing Blazers x Gucci Vault Baseball Cap with Dodo Embroidery



Seriously, when have you ever seen anything Gucci go for $70?

Rowing Blazers x Gucci Vault Cotton Shorts with Dodo


You need shorts for summer. These are the freshest on the market.

Rowing Blazers x Gucci Vault Cotton T-shirt with Dodo Embroidery


It wouldn't be Rowing Blazers without a rugby shirt in the mix.

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Rowing Blazers x Gucci Vault Wool Blazer

$1,150 AT GUCCI

For the dressier occasions—a metal-buttoned blazer with contrast piping.

Rowing Blazers x Gucci Vault Cotton T-shirt with Print


Or, you can keep it simple with a fun, affordable tee.

Rowing Blazers x Gucci Vault Tuxedo Striped Shirt



Personally, I'd find any and every excuse to wear the hell out of this tuxedo shirt.

Rowing Blazers x Gucci Vault Zuleika Tail Coat

$1,500 AT GUCCI

With one red lapel and one blue, this tail coat is the ultimate fusion of tradition and innovation.

Rowing Blazers x Gucci Vault Check Fleece


Inspired by deadstock vintage fabrics, this checked fleece has the '70s look of Gucci and the collegiate vibe of Rowing Blazers.

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