Running Becomes More Fun with Nike’s New Epic React Technology

Put some bounce in your step—literally—when you slip on these shoes.
Running Becomes More Fun with Nike’s New Epic React Technology

It’s a feeling familiar to anyone who’s ever gone for a run: You’ve been going for quite some time—it could be five minutes or 50—and suddenly, your feet decide they’re tired of pounding on concrete. They start to get a little sore. The pain and fatigue make them feel somewhat heavier, as though they’re weights that your legs are trying to drag along. You start looking for places where you can sit down to stop your feet from punishing you. And when you finally get those shoes off, it’s a moment of sweet release mixed with the unflattering aroma of foot sweat.

Simply put, it isn’t a fun experience.

Nike is changing the game with the Epic React Flyknits, a product of years of intense research and development by a team of designers, engineers, and chemists. The secret lies in the Epic React Foam built into every sole: It is lighter than most kinds of foam cushioning found in other running shoes in the market, and soft enough to provide loads of comfort. It’s also durable enough to take on hundreds of miles of punishment. But the real breakthrough is in the bounce the foam gives.

Epic React Foam delivers 13% more energy return than any previous material used before. This means that for every pound of pressure you send crashing down on it with every stride you take, it pushes back up more than other shoes do. The result is a noticeably bouncier step when you’re walking or running.

Springier steps are important for many reasons. They help lower the risk of injury by preventing your feet from landing on hard material, like wood or concrete. They reduce the amount of strain your legs undergo with every stride, allowing you to cover longer distances. They even prevent knee injuries by acting as a shock absorber for your legs. To be real about it, though, people prefer bouncier steps mainly because they’re more fun.

It’s tough to describe the joy of bouncing, but it’s something nearly all of us can relate to. Some of us bounce on our heels when we’re giddy. There’s something about that kinetic push and pull that energizes us on a deeper level. When your shoes add even more bounce to your walk, you feel that happy rush with every step.

Nike’s Epic React Foam is designed to put that extra bounce in your step, whether you’re a regular runner or a couch potato looking to add a little more movement in your life. Try it out, and see how much fun you can have.

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The Nike Epic React will be available on February 22 for P7645, available at Nike Park Fort, The Athletes Foot Glorietta 2, Nike Park UP Town, and Intersports Vertis.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Nike.
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