Sal Panelo Pulled a Supervillain Style Move at Today's Presidential "Tête-à-tête"


Filipinos waited with bated breath for President Rodrigo Duterte to address the nation this afternoon, as he said he would. But shortly before schedule, the whole thing was called off, and then later replaced by a live "tête-à-tête" with Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, who appeared on camera as only Salvador Panelo can.

The interview itself bore not much new—mostly reiterations of the President's established stances and sentiments, plus more ado about kicking ass and destroying anything that wants to destroy our country, my gahd. We'll deal with all that together as a nation in the days to come, but for now, we're going to wave a red flag at a couple of flagrant violations of style that we spotted.

Salvador Panelo, ever the dandy, had some interesting sartorial choices for this occasion, which, while fairly subdued by Salvador Panelo standards, were still pretty out-there:

Exhibit A: the supervillain pinky rings.

The devil, as they say, is in the details. IMAGE: RTVM

Who else would wear chunky gold rings on his pinky finger except someone bent on world domination? In fact, it's amazing how a man in an otherwise inoffensive outfit could suddenly look like his plans are about to be foiled by Captain Planet and the Planeteers—all because of ill-advised accessorizing. Suffice it to say: Do not imitate. When you think it makes you look like a badass mob boss, it doesn't.

Exhibit B: Throughout the whole seated interview, he left his suit jacket buttoned.

It was a relatively inoffensive outfit for Salvador Panelo at today's tete-a-tete, until you look closer. IMAGE: RTVM

This, of course, is a lesson that should have been learned as early in life as prom night: Unbutton your jacket when you sit down, lest it crumple and crease in unsavory ways.

watch now

But, as with any form of criticism, we can all treat this as a learning experience. Ditch the pinky rings and be mindful of your suit buttons. Take it from Sal.

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