Why and How You Should Invest in at Least One Perfectly Tailored Suit

All the details you have to consider
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These are, shall we say, interesting times. An era of bigly disruptions. But the more the world shifts around us, the more we value the strength of a uncomplicated suit that's expertly cut. And now that top fashion houses turn them out as reliably as heritage tailors, you're bound to find a style that works for you.

1| Get an edge.

Find a singular detail that will make your suit distinct. For example, a slick tie could be enough to make a statement.

Suit, shirt, tie by Dior Homme

2| Play to your strengths.

In every style decision, you have to highlight your positives. With the right attitude, you can even go as far as pulling off a subtle plaid print and command the room.

Jacket, shirt, trousers, and tie by Ralph Lauren; loafers by John Lobb; socks by Pantherella

3| Go blue collar.

Tired of black? Go for a cornflower blue. It's a shade that looks good on just about everyone.

Left: Coat by Stella McCartney; jacket and trousers by Bottega Veneta; shirt by Hamilton Shirts; tie by Bonobos. Right: Suit by Caruso; shirt by Hamilton Shirts

4| Take a closer look.

In most cases, the details you don't think about make the difference: the fabric, the stitching, the fit down to the last millimeter. Anything off can quickly cheapen your suit.

Suit and sunglasses by Prada; tie by Tie Bar

5| Find a common thread.

If you dare to mix and match, find the similarities. How about matching the fine red stitching of your suit with a bold red tie?

6| Know when to call it quits.

Blue suit, red tie, spread-collar shirt, and classic trench? Good luck improving on that one.

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