The Best Shoe Hacks Every Sneakerhead Should Know

Keep your kicks fresh with these tips.

Sneakers might never really make any of us fully happy, but they're still a staple that won't be going anywhere. While we've explored just about everything sneaker care-related—from keeping white sneakers clean and the best shoe cleaners to buy to the dos and don'ts of wearing sneakers—we haven't really delved into what you should be doing to maintain them.

If you want to know how to make sure your sneakers look fly all the time or if you want to know how to solve some of your sneaker-related problems, then this one's for you. Here are the best shoe hacks that every sneakerhead should know.

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Wipe after every use.

This one involves a lot of elbow grease, but if you want to keep your shoes in tip-top shape, you should wipe them after every use. Wet wipes work but make sure you use alcohol-free ones to prevent discoloration and the dreaded yellowing. A better, albeit pricier, alternative are wipes made especially for shoes. Just be mindful of the material your shoes are made of (suede and nubuck are a lot more delicate) before you do so.

Use an eraser to clean the outsole.

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Using a rubber eraser to clean rubber isn't exactly a secret. It's a tried and tested method that gets rid of dirt before it builds up. In fact, it's so popular that many companies have released their own kits with rubber erasers and brushes. While some of these erasers have added features such as abrasives, the same eraser you used in school will no doubt do the same thing.


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Hide laces with no-tie systems.

If you think the bow and knot of shoelaces are unsightly, we've got a solution for you. First, stop tucking your lace under the tongue. That's just no way to live. Simplify your life and pick up a couple of no-tie lace anchors instead. The way it works is you thread the end of your shoelace into one of the lace anchor's holes, then thread the shoelace through the lace anchor's teeth, and finally lift the shoelace over the teeth and push it through the last hole. And, voila, your shoelaces are secured inside. After, tuck the laces underneath your sole or cut the ends instead. Your choice.

Use crease protectors on the toe box.

This takes shoe care a bit too far but if you truly want to prevent creases and make your shoes look practically unused, crease protectors might just be the best thing you can buy. You can do all the cleaning you want but the real mark of a used pair of shoes are creases on the vamp. One of the most popular out there areSneaker Shields. Initially made for the Air Force 1s, it provides comfort while having long-lasting durability. It works for every shoe type, dress shoes included.

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Steam or iron overly creased shoes.

Crease protectors are kind of a new thing. So, if you have sneakers that are already creased beyond being fully salvaged, try either steaming or ironing the toe box. First, stuff your shoes to even creases out. A shoe tree works but you can also use socks or tissue paper in place of it. Then, wet a small towel with hot water and wring it out before placing it on top of the shoe. After, steam or iron over the towel while checking from time to time that you're not actually burning your shoe—nice and easy is what you're going for. Your toe box should be (mostly) crease-free after.

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