The Sperry 7 Seas Sneaker is for the Daily Commute and the Weekend Hike

You can wear this one to different occasions.
IMAGE Sperry

Let’s face it: When it comes to putting together a look, men tend to forget about their shoes. This is why we see the style travesty of basketball sneakers with work suits or ratty old loafers at a wedding.

And we get it. Rifling through your wardrobe for a shirt and a pair of pants can be troublesome enough. Deciding the best shoe for that outfit just adds to the problem.

So, what’s a well-meaning, on-the-go, low-maintenance fellow to do? 

Consider the 7 Seas sneaker line from Sperry. Known for its timeless boat shoes that evoke images of summers in the Hamptons, Sperry released a more urban shoe—a sneaker—that's fit for today. Featuring tough traction, a dynamic fit, and a vent (so it can dry quickly), the sneakers can be worn on the streets, at the gym, and to the great outdoors. 

Walking Through the City

IMAGE: Sperry

If you’re an urban dweller pounding the pavement every day, the lightweight design makes traversing through the concrete jungle easy.  


Training at the Gym

IMAGE: Sperry

For the gym rat looking for a new training shoe, the sneaker’s 360-degree lacing system and hydrophobic mesh allows for a comfortable and dynamic fit that follows your movement. It also wicks away sweat. 

Conquering the Trail

IMAGE: Sperry

Conquering rock, soil, and waterfall on your way to the peak of a mountain isn’t a walk in the park. Fortifying Sperry’s classic rubber outsole is the razor-cut Wave-Siping, which provides superior grip on different kinds of terrain. Should you find yourself wading in water, the sneaker's vents allow the shoe to dry quickly. 

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Traveling to a New City

IMAGE: Sperry

How do you fit three different kinds of footwear in your luggage? The answer is you don’t. The 7 Seas sneaker can be worn in most environments and weather conditions. Wear the sneaker on your way to your destination and pack a pair of loafers or brogues with you (if you’re anticipating a dressy occasion). By the way, the sneaker’s slip-on feature makes going in and out of airport security a breeze.

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