You Can Now Wear Picard's Perfect Face-Palm on Your Chest


With this summer's Comic Con announcement that Picard, starring the only Picard in my book (Patrick Stewart), is coming in early 2020, it's understandable if you've been looking to let loose your inner Trekkie. But aside from breaking out your full Starfleet cosplay, options are a little limited. Well don't worry, because the folks over at Star Cadet have you covered for all your Star Trek, and space-age style needs. 

Granted, normally we don't delve into TV-related merch all that often around here. But this latest release is coming on the heels of a very cool NASA-themed collection. Plus, you know, there's a Picard face-palm tee, which brings the only reaction image the Internet really needs into real life. And that's something we can all appreciate. Plus, Star Cadet has some bonafides, being run by Olan Rogers, a famed YouTuber and now the man behind the stellar (and hilarious) TBS series Final Space. Trust us: The space love is real. Check out our favorite picks from the brand right here. 

Face-Palm Tee

Also available in a black ringer, it's the cap himself, stressed and disappointed. Star Cadet x Star Trek: The Next Generation 

Photo by COURTESY.

Enterprise Bomber Jacket 

An easy-to-wear bomber, with a retro illustration of the Enterprise on the back. Star Cadet x 'Star Trek: The Next Generation

Photo by COURTESY.

Four Lights Tee 

The Picard scene that inspired a meme, now in T-shirt form. Star Cadet x Star Trek: The Next Generation

Photo by COURTESY.
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Meatball Logo Hoodie 

A cleaned-up classic Nasa logo on a remarkably soft hoodie. Space Cadet x NASA

Photo by COURTESY.

Space Cowboy Baseball Tee 

It wouldn't be the space fandom without at least one Star Wars reference. Star Cadet

Photo by COURTESY.

Guile Tee 

If Klingons are more your crowd. Star Cadet x 'Star Trek: The Next Generation


Photo by COURTESY.

Future Crewneck Tee 

The brand name in nostalgic Star Wars style. Star Cadet

Photo by COURTESY.

Galaxy Logo Tee 

Honestly, if you haven't seen Final Space yet, you need to give it a watch. Then come back and buy this T-shirt. Star Cadet x Final Space

Photo by COURTESY.

Star Ringer Tee 

A retro NASA ringer, with a whole lot of patriotism built in. Star Cadet x NASA 

Photo by COURTESY.

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