Succession Style Guide: 10 Men's Brands That Scream Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury doesn’t flaunt wealth-it reinforces it.

It’s giving old money. It’s giving low-key billionaire.

Quiet luxury doesn’t flaunt wealth—it reinforces it. Thanks to shows like Succession, quiet luxury is experiencing a revival. Defined by taste and understatement, quiet luxury is all about “stealth wealth.” Vogue defines it as “less austere than minimalism but more polished than norm core.” We at Esquire define it as the tactile rejection of “ludicrously capacious handbags.”

Like Succession’s strategic style choices, quiet luxury is all beige and gray. Because the real rich don’t need to flaunt their wealth—they have more important things to worry about, like corporate takeovers. Quiet luxury is cashmere, silk, and wool in a sea of Lululemons and Yeezys. It’s understated, high quality pieces that always seem to be tailor fit. It’s the clothes that say, “I paid a lot for this, but it’s still a drop in the bucket for me.”

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As Loro Piana, a quiet luxury brand, once said, “If you know, you know.”

And clearly, most don’t. So here’s a list of 10 Succession-approved men’s brands that scream quiet luxury. In an era of Justin Biebers and Greg Hirschs, dress like a Roy.

1| Ralph Lauren

2| Tiger of Sweden

3| Fjall Raven

4| Brunello Cucinelli

5| Tom Ford

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6| Brioni

7| Canali

8| Barbour

9| Cole Haan

10| Paul Stuart

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