Summer Shoes All Men Should Own

Is it okay to wear slippers?

Gentlemen, if you think the way to get through the sweltering heat of summer is to wear your pair of “rubber shoes” nonstop, please have mercy on your feet—and the unsuspecting folk, upon whom you will inevitably unleash foot odor.

When it comes to summer footwear, the key is to wear shoes that keep feet both comfortable and cool. Summer is also the perfect season to inject laid-back, effortless style into your wardrobe. We've put together a list of shoes you should put on rotation during beach season. 

1| Espadrilles
Made out of canvas and handwoven rope soles, espadrilles are the quintessential summer shoe: They’re sturdy, easy to slip on, and they keep your feet cool in warm weather. Espadrilles are perfect for when you want to add a little more panache to your look while on the beach. Best paired with a linen shirt, bermuda shorts, and a gin and tonic. 


Espadrille by Hackett

Espadrille by Zara


2| Boat shoes
Boat shoes may conjure images of rich douchebags, but stuck-up image aside, they’re great for when you actually find yourself… on a boat. Or at a yacht party. Or by the docks, sipping on a whiskey cocktail while you’re at it. Wear with a light cotton shirt, but please stay away from popped collar and the conyo accent. 

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Boat shoes by Sperry

Boat shoes by Brooks Brothers


3| Flip-flops
Flip-flops are generally vilified by style authorities, but sort of given a pass during summer. Even if you’re sporting Havaianas, please do not step foot inside malls or other establishments in the city. This isn’t 2004. Best to bust them out only when you’re actually headed to the beach or the pool. 


Flip-flop by Havaianas

Flip-flop by Hackett


4| Canvas sneakers
If exploring the urban jungle is your kind of summer activity and you’re going for laid-back but not unkempt look, then put on a pair of low-cut sneakers typically worn by skaters and surfers. We’re particularly fans of Vans. This looks best with a classic crewneck T-shirt, or if you have the arms for it, a bright or printed tank top. 

Sneakers by Converse

Sneakers by Mango H.E.


5| Desert boots
They’re called desert boots for a reason. While the mid-cut might give off a stuffy impression, they do hold well in warm weather. Desert boots are so versatile, you can dress them up or down. They’re particularly great when you need a pair of shoes for a summer party. Pair with a rolled-up Oxford shirt and khakis.


Boots by Zara

Boots by Bass


6| Sandals
Thanks to normcore, sandals are in style again, which means you can take your Birkenstocks out of the drawer and wear them with ease this summer. This does come with certain provisions though: Please do not wear them with jeans, and don’t think about pairing them with socks, as these are never sensible combinations. Sandals are best paired with a resort shirt and a slick pair of bermuda shorts.

Sandals by Birkenstock

Sandals by Pedro

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