14 Stylish, Summer-Friendly Outfits to Wear to Work

How to stay and look cool at the office when the weather warms up.
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You're not about to catch us complaining about warmer weather. Summer, however, does pose its own complications, specifically when it comes to keeping your look sharp. When it's hot, it's hard to fathom the idea of putting together a multilayer outfit. Which, of course, means it's hard to craft an outfit at all, given you only have a few pieces to work with. 

Not to worry: Some of the most stylish globe-trotting celebrities have been tested with the same kind of challenge—and with the added bonus of paparazzi capturing those fits. That gives us documentation and inspiration for our own summer-friendly style.

Here are 14 of the best outfits to wear to work this summer. 

Don Cheadle

If you have to wear a suit all year long, it's worth investing in one meant specifically for warm weather. Lighten up the fabric, color, and construction to stay comfortable all day. 

Finn Cole 

Speaking of summer suits, you can make your year-round-ish ones work by lightening up the layers. A sleek white tee is the perfect summer layer. 

Simon Pegg 

For a more casual office, keep a denim jacket on hand. You can commute to work in a tee to stay cool and put on the jacket once you're inside. 

Tom Holland 

A striped polo is the perfect way to nail business casual. Not sure what kind of polo shirt feels modern? Start here. 

Alexander Skarsgard 

Those polos look good layered with a suit, too. The short sleeves and lighter fabric mean less intense layering—but it still feels like a proper outfit if you take the jacket off. 

James Marsden 

While the winter might be about outdoor layers, the summer is all about indoor ones. Wear a short-sleeve button-down to the office and throw on a jacket once you get there. 

Armie Hammer 

Same goes for sweaters. Wear a T-shirt and pack a knit in your bag. 

Nicholas Hoult 

For suits-only offices, you still have some room for movement. Ditch the tie and go for a printed lightweight shirt instead of a more traditional dress shirt. 

Ryan Reynolds 

Ryan Reynolds flexes the power of a printed shirt. This one still looks put-together with trousers. 

Ryan Reynolds 

Business casual is often open to interpretation. But if your office leans into the casual of business casual, dark chinos and white sneakers are the way to go. 

Nicholas Hoult 

A base for any good outfit: black jeans and a white tee. Put on and remove your jacket at your leisure. 

Seth Rogen 

Suits work best in the summer when you still have an outfit once that jacket comes off. A contrast-collar polo is a good way to ensure that. 

Seth Rogen 

Think beyond your standard dress shirt for summer. A linen-blend, mandarin-collar shirt is much more aired-out than the norm. 

Rami Malek 

Tuck an airy button-front into trousers and make any look feel more intentional.

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