How to Dress for Zoom Meetings, According to the Supreme Court Justices

We could learn a thing or two on dressing from the justices.

Working from home has taken out a lot of the routines we've been used to. Or, at least, rearranged them for the worse. Your house, your rules, right?

If you're still bathing early in the morning and eating breakfast away from your laptop, then you're excused from this conversation. But if you've lost control of your regular duties (dressing up, for one), then maybe you could learn a thing or two from the Supreme Court justices.

On May 8, the Supreme Court Public Information Office (PIO) tweeted a photo of a screenshot of the first retirement ceremony celebrated online for Associate Justice Andres B. Reyes, Jr., and it's a study on how to properly dress for your Zoom meetings.

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Here are two rules we've gathered from the screenshot:

1| Dress as you normally would going to work. In the case of the justices, it's a suit and tie. Now, you don't have to go that far, but a Zoom meeting is still a professional environment.

2| Pants not optional. You're probably saying, "But you can't even tell if they're wearing full suits." Well, you definitely don't want to be that guy that flashes the entire Zoom meeting, do you? Yep, it's happened.

And a bonus, third rule: Find a suitable background that doesn't scream "I haven't left my bed."

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