This Menswear Brand Blends Fashion and Tech in the Most Dapper Way Possible 

Spill-resistant shirts, anti-RFID blazers, and bamboo cloth. Need we say more? 

The days of fast fashion might be coming to an end. After decades of blindly pursuing trends and profits, the fashion industry is slowly realizing that slow fashion is the way to go. Leading this movement are boutique brands and MSMEs that champion fashion as a craft and believe that customers deserve more. 

An innovator in sustainable menswear is The Shirt Bar, a Singapore brand that’s blending fashion and tech in the most dapper way possible. Backed by Singapore Tourism Board’s “Made With Passion” campaign, The Shirt Bar was born from frustration with the fashion industry’s exploitation of the supply chain—and of customers. According to the brand, customers are on the losing end when they’re given poor products from cheap fashion trends.  

The Shirt Bar is here to fix that with its line of dynamic menswear products that promise you’ll get your money’s worth. Checkout some of our picks below.

Everyday Armor Wrinkle Free Collection: Solid White. $149.00 (P5,635)


The Shirt Bar's Everyday Armor collection consists of shirts that show off wrinkle-free, anti-bacteria, anti-UV, and anti-odor odor engineering. 


Dusty Green Tencel Short Sleeve Slim Fit Polo T-Shirt. $89.909 (P3,399)

The Eco-ol Tercel collection is a product of sustainable manufacturing and production as each shirt uses less water and energy, produces no harmful by-products, and requires no irrigation or pesticides. The result is an ultra-cooling fit that’s best for sensitive skin. 


Everyday Shield Spill Resist Collection: Solid Blue. $149.00 (P5,635)

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Engineered with nano-technology, The Shirt Bar’s Everyday Shield collection features water-resistant shirts that repel all water, coffee, and wine spills. It’s perfect for the practical man at work. 


Black Reversible Leather Belt. $89.909 (P3,399)

Another practical addition to your wardrobe is this reversible leather belt which lets you have two belts in one. The removable buckle can be reversed to utilize both sides of the leather strap. 


Navy Slim Tailored Fit. $368.00 (P13,915)


The Shirt Bar’s dashing suit sets might just take the cake. Not only are they smart and stylish, but they’re also a defense for your credit cards and IDs. The right inner chest picket is lined with tech-infused fabric that blocks RFIDs from taking your information without your permission. 


Located in Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore, The Shirt Bar ships to the Philippines. 

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