These 9 Details Will Instantly Elevate Your Style

The subtle nuances of clothing are important to the well-dressed man.

Orson Welles once said, “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” It certainly isn’t enough to throw on a rented suit to make a statement, especially when you are among a sea of other gray, double-breasted suits. Yet peacocking with a gaudy blazer isn’t the solution. The key is nailing the nuances of understated elements. It’s not about trying too hard, after all. Here, a few details that will give you that subtle sartorial edge.

1| The pocket square

Some say that wearing a suit without a pocket square is tantamount to going out naked. It’s the finishing touch to a sport coat or a suit jacket. A white pocket square goes with anything, but the rule of thumb is matching (some of the) colors of your pocket square with that of your tie. Savile Row, Rustan's Makati


2| The scarf

When you find yourself in cooler climate, take advantage of the scarf. The military accessory does a fantastic job of protecting your neck from a cold draft, while adding flair to your outfit. Cotton scarves are versatile, but cashmere spells sophistication. Tommy Hilfiger, Greenbelt 5

3| The tie bar

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Having your tie flap in the wind can look rebellious, but it’s never rakish when it dips into your soup during dinner. Not only does a tie bar keep your tie in place, it also pulls a business outfit together. Hermès, Greenbelt 3

4| The cufflinks

Usually (and rightfully) associated with black tie because of its function, cufflinks can be worn in practically any social situation, even at casual parties or in the office. While the standard suit and tie will call for the classic whale back cufflinks, you can wear knot cufflinks for more relaxed dress codes. John Hardy, Rustan's Makati

5| The watch


Men have few options for jewelry, which is why the dress watch is so revered. It’s classic, elegant, effortlessly stylish, and practical. While it can be tempting to go for a high-tech smartwatch, handmade and mechanical timepieces are the most timeless, and your best bet. IWC Portofino Automatic Moon Phase, IWC, Greenbelt 5

6| The eyeglasses

Prescription eyewear has been embraced by the men’s wear community as the perfect complement to a sharp outfit. Take your cue from Buddy Holly and James Dean—glasses can make you look sophisticated, hip, and a little bit scholastic. Four-eyed freak no more. Gucci, Greenbelt 4

7| The Panama hat


If you’re partial to headwear, take a page from Old Hollywood and consider the Panama hat. This accessory, originally from Ecuador, is a favorite among classic movie stars and businessmen as a shield against the heat. And in our country’s tropical weather, you can wear it all year round. Dorfman Pacific, Rustan's Makati

8| The signet ring

Whether it’s a symbol of brotherhood or a family heirloom passed down through generations, a signet ring is a mark of exclusivity. Should you be fortunate enough to have one in your possession, remember that simplicity counts. A signet ring calls enough attention to itself. When wearing one, there’s no need for other jewelry. Damiani, Rustan's Makati

9| The socks


You can elevate your style by being more mindful of your sock choices. Pairing your socks with your pants is foolproof, yet if you’re feeling more adventurous, introduce different patterns and colors. Wear argyle socks with a sport coat. Sport white tube socks at the gym and make a visual homage to early Olympians and retro athletes. Gucci, Greenbelt 4

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