These Chill Swim Shorts Actually Help Reduce Ocean Pollution

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On the beach, what matters is going back to basics and keeping reliable season must-haves within reach: Slather on some sunscreen, pop on your favorite sunglasses, and get cozy in swimwear that combines style, comfort, and function. 

For the latter, look no further than Fighetti, a brand of swim shorts from the Netherlands. The company prides itself on classic and quality products that beautifully cultivate the simplicity and unhurried pace of the Italian lifestyle. They’ve got their eye on making swimwear not only fashionable, but sustainable as well—and their latest collection boasts swim shorts made with regenerated ocean waste.



Freek Bos, founder and CEO, calls Fighetti his passion project. To make swim shorts that are 100-percent sustainable, he put a lot of effort into research to ensure the best quality and methods. 

“There are a lot of debatable things happening in the sustainable world,” he begins. The base of the shorts, for example, is called polyamide, and it’s considered recycled if 50 percent of it consists of recycled factory waste, or excess material that, instead of being thrown away, is put to use in the next batch of products. 

“Fighetti does not consider that material ‘really recycled,’” he continues. “But at the same time, factories are reusing their spillage (fallen or excess material) now, so they are doing good for the environment. Brands and consumers need to research the labels very carefully.”

Recycled products may signify a loss of quality, but Bos notes that this is not the case for Fighetti. “Our material is made of regenerated yarn, [which] means that the process can be repeated indefinite times without loss of quality.” To be more specific, the fabric comes from old fishing nets that have been sourced from the ocean and consumer waste, which are then converted to first-grade nylon yarn.

The resulting swim shorts will no doubt be your go-to piece in and out of the water—the fabric is strong and durable, and comes in subtle pastel shades that let everyone know this is your chillest summer yet.

The shorts also have handy features such as zippers on every pocket, and a loop from which to hang your trusty sunglasses. Bos describes the style as timeless: “That will always be our look.” 

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The swim shorts immediately stand out upon first wear. “Our value for money ratio is much higher,” Bos says. “We only work with the best materials. You will feel that difference.” 

In the future, Fighetti plans to keep improving its swim shorts and perhaps branch out to different products. “Every year, we are learning how to make the fabric stronger and softer and the pockets [more durable], so that the shorts will last even longer,” he says. 

“We hope that people buy less clothes,” Bos goes on, citing another pillar of eco-conscious living. He acknowledges that it’s important for producers to take responsibility for their methods, but consumers need to be more mindful of what they buy, as well. “It is harder, but it’s definitely not impossible.”



The way he sees it, when people buy something, saving the environment is usually not a priority—but it’s definitely a good bonus. 

Sustainable fashion is on the rise, and why shouldn’t it be? With swimwear like this, taking a dip in the ocean means enjoying nature while also protecting it. You look good and you do good.

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