This Made-For-The-Sun Watch Will Light Up A Gloomy Day

A yachting watch and handsome fabric strap options are for any season.

What to make of summer styles arriving in stores (because warm weather has just begun in other parts of the world), but may not exactly be in tune with what is happening here and now, which is rain?

Well, if it is an ocean-inspired watch from the Summer Editions collection of vaunted watchmaker IWC, you put it on.

With its blue dial with white counters, rhodium-plated hands, a red seconds hand, and a blue rubber strap, the Portugieser Yacht Club Chronograph has been made with slow leisure spent under the sun, maybe somewhere where water meets sand, in mind.

But who says you can't wear it right now?

IWC introduces the Portugieser Yacht Club Chronograph, a watch made for the pleasures of warm weather—or actually, any kind of weather. IMAGE: IWC

A clear case-back of sapphire glass lets you peer into the mechanical workings of the Yacht Club. IMAGE: IWC

For men, who find use for additional time-measuring complications, the timeless watch is fitted with a flyback function that indicates the measured hours and minutes (on a subdial at 12 o'clock), and a quarter-second scale (around the dial) that allows for precise measurement of shorter time periods.

And if you are inclined, its transparent case-back lets you observe the inner workings of the 89361 manufacture calibre, too.

Also available for a limited time are several fabric straps that will inject casual style to timepieces. The special collection of blue or gray straps have been made for the Swiss label's most popular watches, whether new or old:  

The Pilot's Watch Mark XVIII and Pilot's Watch Chronograph recieve four fabric straps (blue, light gray, blue with light gray trim, light gray with blue trim); the Portofino Automatic and Portofino Chronograph have two fabric straps (blue, light gray); and the Portugieser Chronograph gets two fabric straps (blue, light gray).


Available for a limited time only, these IWC fabric straps in blue or gray will add a casual vibe to timepieces. IMAGE: IWC

The Portugieser Chronograph with a blue with gray stitching summer strap. IMAGE: IWC

The Pilot's Watch Chronograph Edition Petit Prince with a gray with blue trim summer strap. IMAGE: IWC

Switching your band to something light might just be what you need to perk up a gloomy day.

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