These Manly Rings and Bracelets Will Take Your Look To The Next Level

Northskull creates distinct pieces with intricate metallic detailing and luxury materials.
IMAGE North Skull

Talk to any man, and they will tell you that the only accessory you should wear is a beautiful watch. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are considered extra, frivolous, and not worth the five more minutes of getting ready in the morning. 

But hesitation to put an accessory (or two) may be getting in the way of increasing your style quotient. When chosen right—a piece that adds just enough edge, but never strays into the territory of crazy—it can take whatever you're wearing from good to great. 

Northskull creates contemporary pieces that can transform a look. The London-based accessory label employs metallic detailing, which turn the usual shapes of bracelets, rings, pendants, and other accessories (pins, cufflinks, trouser chains) into something outside the ordinary.

The archetypal quadrilateral shape is given a fresh perspective in this pendant.

IMAGE: North Skull

Obsidian brings polish to a delicate beaded bracelet.

IMAGE: North Skull

Oxidized sterling silver and marble amps up the masculine energy of this signet ring.

IMAGE: North Skull

Observe the signet ring, which take on a sculptural quality with an assymetrical square etched at center, or the thin band of a gold cuff that appears simple and clean until it terminates in arrowheads. The intricate detailing imparts an extra dimension to the jewelry and, in turn, you, the wearer. 

Precious materials are also utilized to add more interest and a touch of luxury. Semi-precious stones such as jasper or onyx are fused onto rings and pendants, exotic python leather is fashioned into a tactile bracelet, and Swarovski crystals cover a golden skull.

Speaking of shine, solid gold is available for those looking for top-shelf items. Otherwise, there are gold-plated brass that also look good with their brushed finishing. These are best in bands and rings. Meanwhile, solid silver appears with an oxidized finish for a more modern and masculine feel. The classic chain bracelet looks good in this one. 

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Take a look at some of the pieces here: 

Northskull imparts new dimension to men's jewelry with metallic detailing and precious materials.

IMAGE: North Skull

IMAGE: North Skull

Decorative pins add personal style to jackets, caps, and T-shirts.

IMAGE: North Skull

North Skull is available from Van Laack, Greenbelt 5

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