A Lot of Famous Men Are Wearing This Luxury Watch Brand Right Now
Plus the best-dressed men on the TIFF red carpet.
IMAGE courtesy of IWC

Today's exercise is called Ogling Expensive Swiss Watches in the Wild. 

While it's always a treat to see images of a luxury timepiece bathed in the incandensent light of your Macbook or even fondling the thing itself at the store, it's so much better to see it in action... worn by someone else. 

Chalk this up to the voyeuristic behavior of today and the climate of oversharing in social media. Seeing someone famous or micro-famous wearing something you want is like a signal from God that, yes, you need a watch that costs more than the family car right now. 

The run-up to awards season 2019 has created the perfect storm for ogling timepieces, suits, shoes, and all the good stuff that actors just have to wear when walking down the red carpet, attending movie premieres, answering questions at a presscon, and partying it up after-afterparties. (Their jobs are so hard!)

Right now, it's all about TIFF or the Toronto International Film Festival, where already you've been blessed with these gems: 

1| Purveyor of dong Chris Pine living his best life in a burnt DB sport coat for Outlaw King.

2| Peach fanatic Timothee Chalamet, for Beautiful Boy, totally owning a hard-to-wear graphic suit by Haider Ackermann.

3| Moon man Ryan Gosling remixing the rules of the suit (as per usual) with a non-standard shirt for First Man.

4| Ex-vampire Robert Pattinson with hair goals for High Life.

5| And we have to include Lady Gaga (featuring Bradley Cooper as escort) who is just wow.

But back to the watches.  

First, Bradley Cooper 

Cooper and Gaga are both in A Star is Born and, of course, the singer-actress, who has a history of dressing up, is pulling all the stops in Old Hollywood looks. Nevertheless, Cooper, who makes his directorial debut and also stars in the film, holds his own in faultess suits. 


For the film's press conferences, he wears a limited edition IWC Big Pilot's Watch, a piece that at once conveys ease and provides presence. 

Also, Dev Patel 

Patel, at the premiere of Hotel Mumbai, is doing that contemporary thing where you don't wear a tie with your suit, and it looks appropriate because he does the topmost button, wears a most perfect fit, and finishes off the entire thing with the equally modern IWC Pilot's Watch Automatic 36

Note how the watch's blue tones complement the suit.  

Finally, Patrick J. Adams 

The Suits star and friend of royal, seen here with actress Sarah Rafferty at the Clara premiere, does just enough visual interest with a gingham check two-piece and a blacked-out IWC Portugieser Automatic

The classic look of the steel watch goes well with a suit or a T-shirt, and in this showing, both suit and T-shirt. 

And because we can't get enough of stylish men, gonna leave you with this bonus photo of a grinning Jake Gylenhaall and his Santos de Cartier.


Also, this bowl cut. What do you think? Can we?

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