Uniqlo’s Much-Awaited Airism Face Mask Arrives in All Its Stores Tomorrow

Here are a few reminders.
IMAGE Uniqlo

It is a strange world when the release of a face mask by a Japanese clothing brand is the biggest fashion news of all. But here we are. Uniqlo’s much-awaited Airism face masks will be available for purchase in all its stores and online tomorrow, September 18, Friday.

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Uniqlo Airism Face Mask: Price, Sizes, Colors, Stores

The cheat sheet is this: Each pack, which contains three masks, retails for P590. Masks are available in three sizes, small, medium, and large, and two colors, black and white. The brand recommends small for kids, medium for adults with smaller faces, and large for the rest of us, grown-ups, with not-small faces. Which one are you?

Photo by Uniqlo.

Photo by Uniqlo.

Other things to note about the coveted face mask:

1| The reusable mask can be cleaned via a washing machine and, according to Uniqlo, it “retains its efficacy after 20 times of washing at 40 degrees using regular household detergent.”

2| The proper way to wear the mask? Keep the Airism logo facing inside.

3| The mask’s filter has a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99 percent, which, says the brand, blocks droplets, as well as “protects skin from bacteria, virus-contaminated particles, and pollen.”

Photo by Uniqlo.

4| The mask has a UPF 50+ rating, guarding against 90 percent of ultraviolet rays.

5| It is the mask’s triple-layer mesh structure that contributes to its lightness and thinness, making it comfortable to wear and breathe in.

Photo by Uniqlo.
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The brand does include caveats, saying the it “does not guarantee that the AIRism Mask safeguards completely against infection (infiltration).” It also advises against the use of the mask for “strenuous exercise and physical activity or directly under the hot sun.” But we know these won’t stop you from getting a pack or two. Head to the store tomorrow.

Photo by Uniqlo.

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