Here’s Your Ideal Uniform for Zoom Meetings 

Uniqlo and Theory present streamlined polo shirts that feel great and look good on the screen.
IMAGE Uniqlo

One of the strange side effects of working from home is that, though you’ve escaped seeing your office buddies in person, you are now seeing them more than ever because of this new trend of having endless online meetings.

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Another side effect? You don’t have to dress up when saying, “yessir!” on the Zoom call. At home, you can dress in the style of a mullet—work on top and party at the bottom. More specifically, you can have something decent on top and whatever you’re wearing when you rolled out of bed at the bottom.  

The new work order has lead to an emphasis on shirts that follow the mixed-up dress code of being at home but also at work. For this, we suggest the polo shirt, which is essentially a T-shirt (home!) that has a collar (office!), and we make our case with this lineup from Uniqlo’s recent collaboration with Theory. 

Photo by Uniqlo.

The theory of Theory is that clothes should fit perfect, feel great, and function well. For the marriage of the New York brand and the Japanese label, you get two short sleeve polo shirts for your Zoom calls. One is in jersey and the other pique, but both are made with the breathable Airsim fabric. The polo shirts are also cut slim, skimming the lines of the body to give Zoom warriors a streamlined look. And because there’s no need to add to the noise of the pandemic, they come in calm colors, too: a faint blue, a dusty green, white, navy.


Photo by Uniqlo.

Photo by Uniqlo.
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As a bonus, if you’re inclined to dress up for the video call, Theory came up with an ultra-stretchy and ultra-lightweight version of Uniqlo’s Kando work pants and shorts. Wear the polo shirt and shorts with your not-shoes, the Birkenstock. You may want to stand up in the video call so that your boss can appreciate the full look.


Photo by Uniqlo.

The Uniqlo x Theory collection is available in select Uniqlo stores and at




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