The Shirt You Can Wear in the Mind-Melting Heat of Summer

Here are a few reasons why, despite the melt-your-face temperature of summer, you should still dress up: You're probably someone who works; your place of work most likely frowns upon a uniform that bares arms and toes; your line of work involves convincing people to give you (or your company) money; your clients don't like seeing toenails during lunch. 

Still unconvinced? Here's one more: You feel better when you look put together—a fact that is true regardless of weather.  

IMAGE: Van Laack

For the specific challenges of summer (i.e. dressing up when all you want to do is be naked), we turn to shirting experts Van Laack. The German outfitters brand, which has been dressing men since 1881, recognizes that tastes are evolving and dress codes are loosening up, and so it has adapted the shirt, the foundation of a put-together look, for the times. 

This just means that the buttoned-up formality of yore has given way to a less intense mood. Think calm and relaxed, chill and easy and not like your go-go-go-go! workmate. It is the processing (the washings) of these shirts that creates a softer hand-feel. As well, summer-appropriate fabrics such as linen, cotton, oxford, and denim make sure your body breathes. 


IMAGE: Van Laack

IMAGE: Van Laack

And if you are in the mood to exalt the glory of summer, there are also in-theme patterns with maritime or jungle-inspired motifs. Reserve for weekends or sad days.  

But we are not masochists. (We are not. Promise!) We understand the need to put on the easiest and most comfortable piece of clothing on the deadliest of days, and so we also accept the T-shirt as element of officewear.

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IMAGE: Van Laack

Van Laack's, however, is not your typical tee, because it is made with Swiss cotton, and so meets the label's strict tradition of shirting. Pair this with a lightweight, unlined sport coat for that work lunch, and you're good as gold.

The bottomline is this: A shirt that is, at once, appropriate, beautiful, and comfortable exists. Wear it and feel good. 

IMAGE: Van Laack

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