Wait, Is Kim Jong Un The Best-Dressed Leader In World Politics?

The North Korean despot is bang on-trend.
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The US-North Korean summit has dominated the news cycle, and rightly so. It's a world first, destined to result in world peace, or at least some handy propaganda for the world's two most dangerous narcissists. 

Look a little closer though, and the negotiations aren't the only sign that the times are a changing. Kim Jong-Un, the human rights criminal in charge of the last bastion of rhythmic-gymnastic-obsessed communism, is the most on-trend dictator in the world right now.


First, take the haircut. A disconnected fade is as skinny-smoking Dalston 'visual arts' student as it is Chigwell-cum-Shoreditch, with a sweepback so perfect it'd bring a Lover Islander to tears. 

Then there's the utility jacket. Seen everywhere on runways for at least two seasons, the chest pockets straddle a fine line between military garb (an important, recurring motif for any trench-shy dictator) and a 1940s train driver. 

And lest we forget Kim's trouser, the comically wide pairs that seem to grow with every illegal nuclear test. Menswear's dalliance with billowing legs has provided an alternative to classic denim—important, especially in a country that has banned the blue jean (into the fire with you, American imperialism!) 



Compare all this to old Donald, and the juxtaposition is more alarming than the off-hand tweets. While North Korea stands on a corner on the Strand dying for a street style photographer to greedily snap its hand-stitched, vintage parachute pants, the USA is that uncle you only see at Christmas, dressed in his finest ill-fitting suit and ever so keen to regale you the tales of imaginary immigrants causing all sorts of bother in the Cotswolds. 

Lil Kim may be responsible for the imprisonment, torture, and systematic starvation of his own people, but he has inadvertently tapped every trend you'll see among the daaaahling crowds of Milan, Paris, and New York. And if that sounds flippant or insensitive, just remember: This is a man deemed worthy of friendship by the President of the United States of America.

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