You Can Now Live In Your Jeans All Day

How do you like denim that promises 24-hour comfort?
IMAGE Uniqlo

Where would we be without our beloved jeans? 

They play well with everything and suit almost all situations. They last really long and, for special pairs, look even better with with age. They don’t require dainty care and, as denimheads advise, can even be left unwashed for several months! They’re that great!

Having said that, this magical piece of clothing has, what we’ll call, a wear expiry. There comes a point in the day when your favorite jeans feel like too-tight sausage casings suffocating your chubby thighs. You just want to rip them off! Never mind that you’ll be naked!  

Uniqlo, the Japanese megaretailer that hopes to be the great equalizer in fashion, does not want to put you in a very awkward situation. In their noble quest to clothe everyone with pieces that work hard and make sense, it has set its gaze on denim and, via its dedicated denim research and development facility in Los Angeles, has come up with jeans that promises 24-hour comfort.  

Developed at its Denim Innovation Center, the new line has been produced “ collaboration with world-renowned textile manufacturers and designed using cutting-edge technology to ensure quality.” That means, we presume, that the pairs below will let you live out your fantasy of only wearing jeans all day and every day. 

The One As Soft As Sweatpants


EZY Jeans are, well, easy on the waist and, finished with an authentic denim look, easy on the eyes. Uniqlo says these will provide you with zero stress. 

The One That Slightly Scares Us

Made from Kaihara denim, the Ultra Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans has a soft and light feel, but wear only if you are a young man full of courage. 

The One That Is A Safe Bet

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Nothing crazy here. The Regular Fit Jeans are as timeless and sensible as the 100 percent cotton they are made with. 

The One That Is Special

No need to buy a crazy expensive pair. Uniqlo offer Selvedge Jeans with rolled cuffs that reveal those signature red-ear accents. These take on unique wear marks as you break them in (so wear them always).

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