Your Definitive Guide to Shopping a Sneaker Sale

Here are the best sneaker sale shopping tips you need to know now.

Who can resist a sign that says "sneaker sale" in big, bold characters? Not us, that's for sure. After being hooked in and making impulse buys countless times (AKA learning experiences), we've decided to stop the cycle and let you guys know how to smartly shop a sneaker sale. After reading this, you'll hopefully know better and be immune to making hasty decisions—during sales, at least. Here are the best sneaker sale shopping tips you need to know now.

Study the Annual Sale Schedules

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The biggest sales don't come at random. Most of the time, they've been planned more ahead than you think—especially the annual ones. So, study your favorite stores' sale schedules and dates. Do what you have to do: make an Excel sheet or set reminders on your phone. If you're not all about that life, just sign up for the newsletters.

Come Prepared With a List

You've just found out that a sneaker store is on sale. What's the first thing you do? Run to the sale? C'mon. Before lacing up your shoes and heading straight to shop, make a list of the different styles that your wardrobe needs. You can go by category with running shoes, gym shoes, or the like. Or, you can also go by brand. The possibilities are endless. This applies to all kinds of sales, too. 

Set a Budget and Stick to It

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You've got your list, but now we have to talk about the budget. All you have to do is set a fair price and stick to it. Seriously, don't be fooled by the marked down price tags. Plus, if you end up thinking about "money saved," you end up making impulse buys. As much as we'd all like to think that impulse buys can turn out to be good buys, more often than not, they end up sitting unused in the wardrobe.


Do Price Comparisons On the Spot

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Here's another benefit of doubting price tags. The beauty of being connected all the time is that you can search anything up in seconds. That applies to sale prices, too. Find out how much the same pair is going online, and you might just get a better deal.

It's High Time to Buy Classics

Look, as soon as you accept that there's no chance in hell that you'll score that hyped pair of sneakers on sale, the better. Sales are great for classic styles, however. Think Adidas Stan Smiths, Converse Chucks, or even Common Project Achilles sneakers. Here's a list of the best classic sneaker styles to get if you need more examples.

Hit Up Outlet Stores (But Be Warned)

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We know, we know: outlet stores are a hit-or-miss. It's either full of classic styles that are 10 percent off, or the trendiest pairs in crazy colors. Don't fully count outlets out, though. Sometimes, you might find a hidden gem. Still, manage your expectations.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Staff

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Sales typically have all the stocks out. But, if you find a pair you like and your size is nowhere to be seen, just ask the staff. While you're at it, ask about promotions or discounts. Maybe even ask for insider info like private sales and other deals. Just don't haggle.

Pay Attention to Sale Policies

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Be smart about shopping a sneaker sale and read up on mechanics. Some sales follow a no refund policy, while some follow a no return policy. (Yes, it not unheard of.) It also pays to know if you're buying from a distributor instead of a manufacturer, in case you need help with a product in the future.

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