5 Hygiene Matters Men Find Really Hard To Talk About

Embarrassing? Maybe. Necessary to discuss them? Definitely.
5 Hygiene Matters Men Find Really Hard To Talk About

It is said that a gentleman should avoid talking about two things: politics and religion. Add to that, conversations about gross bodily functions—which are deemed in bad taste. But certain personal hygiene issues necessitate healthy discussion; it simply does no good to just sweep them under the rug. Here, five formerly unmanly taboos that need to be tackled:


Some men have to deal with facial acne greeting them every time they look in a mirror. Maybe men don't talk about it openly because seeking professional help from a dermatologist might be regarded as too "feminine." 


We normally don’t talk about it much because it doesn’t feel great to admit that you’ve got fungal problems on your head.

Excessive Sweat

No one really talks about how they’re always sweating, because it's accepted that some people just naturally perspire more than others. So, instead of asking for advice, we tend to wear dark colors or hide our pit stains under additional layers that ironically make us sweat more.

Ingrown Facial Hair

Those little dark bumps on your face are an easily solved annoyance, but talking about them comes off like you're a noob at shaving—and no guy wants to be seen that way.

Jock Itch

It’s a fungal infection, and saying you’ve got one down there is all sorts of embarrassing. You can discreetly scratch your privates all you want, but the problem won’t go away no matter how much you ignore it.

Talking about matters of personal hygiene may precipitate a lot of awkwardness, but avoiding the discussion could just worsen things. And, as a man who wants to take care of himself, biting the bullet and being proactive about solving these issues is the way to go. Manifesto PH is a wellspring of solutions for such matters and more. Forget being embarrassed, because ramping up your knowledge about these issues is the first step towards better personal care.

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