5 Weird Causes of Hair Loss in Men

You could be making these mistakes without realizing it.
 5 Weird Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Most of us barely notice the amount of hair we lose every day. A sizable tuft of hair on the bathroom floor, however, is sufficient cause for alarm. There are many things that can trigger temporary hair loss, or telogen effluviumHere are some of them:

Long hours at work
A crushing schedule at work may mean you're suffering from elevated stress levels and a lack of sleep. Not getting enough quality rest can affect hair growth. A study has also shown that stress may exacerbate male pattern baldness.

Change in weather
When the weather changes, your body needs to adjust, and this can disrupt your hair growth cycle. A study also suggests that more people experience hair loss during summer.

Over exercising
While exercise is a good thing, it's also a form of stress for the body. If you're hitting the gym or training so frequently that your body has to constantly brace itself for workout-induced stress, there’s a chance that your hair will also suffer.

Your pillowcase
While cotton is the preferred material for beddings, you may actually be losing some hair because of it. Cotton fibers are comparatively rough compared to hair strands. They also absorb the hair’s oils while you toss and turn through the night. If you don’t mind spending more, consider using a silk pillowcase, which is said to be gentler on hair strands.

Severe emotional distress
The hair follicle’s cycle of growing, maturing, and resting is easily disrupted. Severe emotional trauma can trigger hormonal changes that cause hair to fall out, and this can continue for months. Harboring severe emotional distress can also take a toll on your hair.

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