7 Low-Maintenance Haircuts to Keep You Cool in This Country

Say no to the bro flow.

Earlier this year style mags declared the ‘bro flow’, a medium- to full-length hairstyle worn best by actor Bradley Cooper, the men’s hair style to emulate in 2017. While this laidback style definitely allows dudes with wavy hair to emulate a surfer or grungy look, it takes at least a few months to grow out and a fair amount of maintenance, too. But most importantly, during the hot and humid time of year, a short and easy-to-maintain hair style will keep you cool and hassle-free. 


Hands down the most carefree style to maintain, the buzzcut requires almost zero upkeep except a quick barbershop visit every 4-6 weeks.


High and tight

Similar to the buzzcut in style and spirit, the high and tight does not require you to commit to a crop (ask your barber to set his clippers to 1 or 2) and only needs some pomade to shape up.


Crew cut

Almost as easy in the upkeep department, styling products are optional to make a crew cut look good. Ask your barber to leave about one inch on top and to buzz tightly on the sides, gently fading to a longer length as you go up.

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Short-side part

This timeless hairstyle looks good in any situation without requiring much styling. To get the classic Don Draper look, all you need is some wax and a comb through.



With this classic haircut, you can reduce time spent fixing your hair to a bare minimum. Simply ask your barber for tapered sides with slightly longer hair on top. For longer hair, a bit of wax or gel are all you need every morning.


Low-maintenance pompadour

Keep things classy with an easy-to-maintain version of the pompadour. Ask your barber for a fade down the sides and back, while keeping it slightly longer on top but shorter than you would for a regular pompadour. Blow dry your hair first, then work in some pomade for hold and style your do over to the side.


Side sweep

If you prefer slightly longer hair, this cut won’t require your barber to use his clippers. Instead ask him for medium-length hair on top and to trim your sides to about 1.5 inches.

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