A Baller’s Guide to Grooming and Style

How to look sharp on and off the court
A Baller’s Guide to Grooming and Style

You can instantly identify a baller based on their height and build, as well as the way they style themselves on and off the court. Maybe professional sponsorships allow them to have some really choice gear, and you don’t exactly have that kind of cheddar—but that doesn't mean you can't pick up a few tips:

Invest in a proper gym bag

Guys most definitely notice when someone saunters up to the court with an ace-looking gym bag. It's a major anchor for the whole pro-baller vibe; splurge on one that is both stylish and functional.

Flex your sportswear

Eager to put together a fully logo'd and color-coordinated post-game outfit? Go for it. It's always better to be sharp than sloppy. You've earned the right to look like a confident athlete.

Have dedicated post-game footwear

You may own a pair of proper basketball shoes, but don't flaunt them on the way home—ballers never step out in the pair they just played in. Give your gear a break and lace up in a dedicated pair of post-game kicks, whether it's runners, sneakers, or an ultra cozy slides-and-socks combo.

Clean up right

The locker room may get crowded, but no one is going to call a lane violation on you if you don't set a new personal record with every shower. Take a reasonable amount of time to clean up post-game, especially with drying your hair.

Keep your hair fresh

While many cagers opt for the no-fuss buzzcut, that look isn't exactly for everyone. Can you imagine a guy like Jeron Teng without his signature slick hairstyle? But doing so means having to use a hair product even during games. Mix that with sweat, dirt, and the heat, and you become prone to dandruff.

A real baller always looks fresh after every game, so take a page from Jeron's playbook and pack a good anti-dandruff shampoo—made specifically for an active lifestyle—like Head & Shoulders Cool Blast for Men.

Head & Shoulders removes all the itch and visible flakes and gives you a cool post-game swagger. When your hair is dandruff-free, you're more confident to have your GAME ON 100% of the time.

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