Here's How You Should Pronounce Aesop, the Grooming Brand Opening in Manila Soon

The Australian skincare brand opens later this year.

It's official! Australian skincare brand Aesop is coming to the Philippines. Aesop Manila, which will open later this year, will be brought in by Michael Concepcion's Welcome Worldwide.

Aesop is known all over the world for its plant-based products as well as its minimalist approach. However, even with over 200 stores globally and revenue that totals more than $270 millionthere's still a bit of confusion when it comes to the pronunciation of its name.

For starters, it's not "ay-sop." It's "ee-sop." And, if you need a reference on how to pronounce the name, then there's only one person you should look to: Greek fabulist and storyteller Aesop. Watch the video below to hear the right way to pronounce the brand.

Before we rest our case, it's worth noting that the brand logo does feature an e with a macron, which should technically make "ay-sop" or "ay-ey shop" as the right pronunciation. The diacritic, a straight bar placed above the letter, marks long or heavy syllables in Greco-Roman metrics.


So, apart from the many articles that support "ee-sop" as the correct way to say the brand, we're not really sure how the whole thing makes sense. Maybe listen carefully to how an Aesop employee pronounces it the next time you enter a store abroad?

Are you going to start saying Aesop properly now?

It's too late for any of that.

Yeah. I mean, it's only right.


Phonetics aside, we're just plain excited to shop for Aesop's skin, hair, and body care products. There's its world-famous hand wash, which has become a status symbol for restaurants and hotels (Aesop famously screens every corporate account, and will occasionally turn places down). The curated men's grooming kits are a definite standout, too, as well as the brand's herbal deodorant and mouthwash. Stock up on these when Aesop opens in Manila.

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