The Night Mask That Will Erase the Sins of the Previous Day


Some men like to live dangerously. Why watch one episode of The Wire when you can power through nine episodes in a day? Why stop at the triple-patty burger when you can get the fat burrito, the bowl of pasta, and the curly fries on the side? And why have just one glass of your favorite poison when you can have five?

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To push the limits is, indeed, a thrill but there is a price to pay: persistent darkness in the expression, the deepening of lines, a dullness. In short, pleasure-seeking daredevils live life to the fullest but they look awful. 

Sublime Replenishing Night Masque by Aesop

Photo by Aesop.

What to do? Slap on a mask that forgives the sins of a well-spent night. This one, the Sublime Replenishing Night Masque by Aesop, is designed for just that. “Parched skin will relish the immediate and sustained hydration it provides, while skin-nourishing vitamins help to even and brighten the appearance of skin dulled or fatigued by life’s excesses,” says Dr. Kate Forbes, innovation director of the luxury skincare company

Here's why you should add Aesop's mask to your bedtime routine.

The Night Masque offers immediate and lasting hydration.

Thirsty—that’s what skin feels like when pushed the limits. And when skin is dry as dust, the rough parts, the irregularities of texture and tone, are heightened. Humectants in Aesop’s Night Masque (sodium carrageenan and saccharide isomerate) promote the retention of what is lost: moisture. Think of it as giving your skin a tall drink of water and then keeping it there.

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Photo by Aesop.

It’s packed with good-for-skin vitamins.

To go with water, there is food, which comes in the form of a vitamin buffet. There’s a lot here: Vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate) evens skin tone; vitamin E (tocopherol) works with the previous to offer fortification; vitamins B3 (niacinamide) and B5 (panthenol) are humectants that also soothes; vitamin F (linoleic and linolenic acid) supports barrier integrity and relieves dryness. If all these don’t help you look less dead, we don’t know what will.  


Photo by Aesop.


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It works while you sleep.

As for how the Night Masque feels, the gel-cream format sits in between the lightness of a day moisturizer and the blanket-thickness of a nighttime moisturizer (the kind that old people like), making it comfortable for overnight wear. That’s really how the mask is supposed to be used—as the final moisturizing layer before sleeping. 


Photo by Aesop.

This is an important point as Forbes notes that the mask is an “apt complement” to an existing routine. Thrill-seekers who go all-in on everything, including grooming, should already have a regimen (cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect) in place. Just add this.

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