You can delay hair loss with the right shampoo (our recommendations)

Better appreciate it while you still have it

Hair is a touchy subject for men. Today, you have a lot of it, crowning your face like petals on a bloom. Tomorrow, they disappear, retreating from a fight like a coward. Each follicle is fickle like a baby or a lady (or a baby lady?), and the best way to encourage it to stay on your noggin is to keep your head clean. Clear away dirt from your scalp and give back nutrients to your hair with a hardworking shampoo. Here are a few. 

Acca Kappa White Moss Shampoo and Shower Gel. Aside from washing your locks (and body), enchant the ladies with a woodland smell that mimics “the freshness of an Italian spring.” Rustan’s Makati

Lush New Shampoo Bar. Washing your hair with something solid feels more purposeful, as if you’re erasing your worries with each rub. Which is what you’re actually doing when all the stuff in this bar work to stimulate the scalp. Rustan’s Makati 


The Body Shop Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Quell the itch of a flaky scalp with a mix of Ethiopian honey and ginger, birch bark, and white willow bark extracts. Greenbelt 5

Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Shampoo. The thing your wife uses to prepare oven-poached halibut also gives vigor, shine, and smoothness to wavy hair. Glorietta 4

Phytolium Strengthening Treatment Shampoo. Return to your roots: To address thinning, this formula fortifies the bulb while restoring hair’s strength. Rustan’s Makati

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