You Shouldn't Scrimp on a Hair Transplant

In the pursuit of good grooming, the best results often come with the aid of cutting-edge technology.
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Top Singaporean cosmetic surgeon Dr. Z Teo splits his time between Aivee Teo clinics in Manila and his clinic in Singapore, but even if he shuttles frequently between the two countries, he doesn’t look a bit tired. Not a single strand of hair is out of place. And that's just it: He has a full head of hair—a sore spot for most of us who haven't figured out a way to stop time from moving forward. 

“In the mid-‘90s, it used to be that our patients were 90 percent female and 10 percent male. The trend now is 70:30,” he says of the increasing consciousness about male grooming. “A big bulk of them comes for skin, to treat their acne scars. The other is hair.”

The Artas Robotic System is the machine that he believes will save the receding self-confidence of men. “Artas is the first robotic hair restoration treatment,” the doctor announces as he reveals the physician-operated, mechanized hair transplant system, the first in the country. And while it seems daunting to have a (state-of-art) machine play around with the last few strands on your cap, here's why you should let go and let its mechanical arm do the work.

1| The Artas uses a robotic machine and an arm to assist a hair surgeon to extract and plant hair efficiently.

“Manual transplant is not as accurate,” he continues. “You might not get the right follicle. Follicles come out in different angles, so if you don’t get the root, it is just going to die when planted.” But the Artas can increase accuracy and growth success by 90 percent and speed up the procedure by 30 percent.

2| You still need a top doctor to put things together.

Technology helps achieve the best results, but that doesn’t mean that a doctor’s degree is now obsolete. It just makes the once tedious job of the surgeon (in this case, New York-trained hair specialist Dr. Jose Crisanto III) a whole lot easier. “The extraction is very mechanical, and that should be done by the robot, but the artistry of planting and creating a nice hairline should still be done by the surgeon. I think the marriage [of machine and doctor] is the perfect combination,” Dr. Z maintains.

3| Precision and accuracy come at a price.

A single transplant session with the Artas starts at P150,000. But the doctor assures that you only need one or two treatments. Which, if you consider the very high success rate plus the decreased operation time and minimal downtime (patients have been known to go out to dinner with friends after their operations), is an easy price to pay for another chance at fuller hair.

“If you see your hair receding and you have a genetic predisposition [to hair loss], know that you’re really going down that road. Take control of it, get it planted, and start making sure that it grows back again.”

But the doctor's advice? “If you see your hair receding and you have a genetic predisposition [to hair loss], know that you’re really going down that road. Take control of it, get it planted, and start making sure that it grows back again.” And for those who still have it thick on top? “Products are okay, but you shouldn’t put too much because it might clog up your scalp. Just clean your hair properly with a good shampoo.”

This rule of moderation really applies for any aesthetic fix. “Don’t do anything too crazy. Just simple maintenance,” Dr. Z muses. “Get your skin cleaned, get your hair full, get your body shaped. Get healthy. And don’t worry too much.”

See here for a list of Aivee branches.

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